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The Arrowcar was Green Arrow's personal customized car. Its appearance and design is similar to the Batmobile, but with an arrow motif. The car, like many Green Arrow gadgets, did not last long and had various upgrades and re-designs. Despite being a normal car, it does have catapult seats.


The Arrowcar was a specially designed arrow-shaped automobile used by Green Arrow and Speedy. When Oliver Queen lost his fortune, the custom car became too expensive to maintain. The wrecked cars became highly prized among collectors of super-memorabilia. When a fully functional Arrowcar went to auction, many criminals tried to bid for it. Green Arrow had no choice but to destroy it with a Grenade Arrow.

Later another Arrowcar was sold on an online auction and the Scavenger won the vehicle for his collection, however the Batman bought it on Green Arrow's behalf. Ollie chose to destroy this one as well.

Another Arrowcar was destroyed during a fight between Green Arrow, Arsenal and Solomon Grundy.


  • It was inexplicably called the "Arrowplane" in its first few appearances.
  • There was a knock-off called the Errorcar, driven by The Green Error clown.[1] Prior to this story, the first Error-Car was built by Professor Weldon Immelwimmer and offered as a present to Green Arrow. As the present only brought the duo trouble, Green Arrow decided to give it back to the professor.[1]
  • Green Arrow owns an amphibious rig which can be attached to the Arrowcar, so it can be used as a boat.[2]

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