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The Antimatter Universe, also known as Netherverse or Antiverse, is a negative reality of the Multiverse where the Anti-Monitor, a negative counterpart of the Monitor, originated.


In the beginning, when the Big Bang created the Multiverse, the Antimatter Universe originated as well.

At some point in time, the Maltusian scientist Mar Novu and his wife Xneen sought to see the creation of the universe, experimenting on time travel. The experiment went wrong and Novu arrived on the Antimatter Universe where it originated his dark reflection, Mobius, the Anti-Monitor.

In the course of years, the negative reflection of Nash Wells, who later became known as the Outkast, was also born in this reality.[1]

After being banished for a lifetime on Earth-1, Mobius was freed by Nash Wells and began his destruction of the Multiverse, helped by the dark entities called Shadow Demons and the Outkast: in the end, an antimatter wave totally erased all the universes[2], so the Anti-Monitor retired on his home reality which it became the last existing universe.

The Spectre and the Paragons managed to reach the Antimatter Universe where the former battled Mobius while the seven heroes engaged his Shadow Demons. After the Spectre temporarily defeated the negative cosmic entity at the cost of his life, the immense amount of energy originated by the clash combined with the Paragons' energies and the last page of the Book of Destiny allowed the Multiverse to be rebooted.[3]



  • The concept of Antimatter Universe is heavily inspired by the same universe from the comics.
    • Similarly, the story of the Anti-Monitor mirrors the Pre-Crisis Anti-Monitor's one.

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