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The Armageddon Timeline was created when Eobard Thawne ran back in time and altered the timeline of Earth-Prime by murdering Joe West and, later, making himself the Flash.


Creation of the Reverse-Flashpoint

After the defeat of Godspeed, Eobard Thawne tried to defeat Barry Allen aka The Flash once and for all but the Scarlet Speedster proved himself to be a lot faster than the supervillain. Thawne was forced to run away, promising him that one day he will destroy his life.[1]

This defeat forced Thawne to create his own version of the Flashpoint where he murdered Joe West. As he used the Negative Still Force in order to avoid being detected by the Speed Force users and Still Force conduit, Deon Owens, Thawne managed to alter the reality and, furthermore, he decided to erase his arch-enemy for good by running back in time again and letting himself being hit by the lightning that, in the main timeline, turned Barry Allen into the Flash.

Thawne had now become himself the Flash, stealing Barry Allen's life: became the head of Team Flash and the fiancee of Iris West and, in order to create a foe of his own, turned Barry Allen into the Reverse-Flash. Knowing that the main Barry Allen would have discovered his plans, Thawne traveled back in time and murdered Barry as a child to erase his original enemy from existence.[2]

Early History

Some time after he became the Reverse-Flash, the evil Barry Allen began teaming up with Damien Darhk who was somehow still alive in the new timeline; however, Darhk was eventually arrested and imprisoned for his crimes.

Eventually, Reverse-Flash/Barry Allen managed to murder several heroes, including Cisco Ramon, Ray Palmer and the Legends, Sara Lance and Nate Heywood.

Frost and Chillblaine were married in the altered timeline as well as Ryan Wilder became the fiancee of Sophie Moore. Some time after the death of Ray Palmer, Ryan Choi became himself the new Atom; Nora Darhk somehow died in unknown circumstances.

By 2031, Despero was exiled on Earth for his crimes on his home planet, Kalanor.


In the new timeline that Thawne had created with his time changes, Earth was seemingly destroyed by "Barry Allen" in the so-called Armageddon so that Despero traveled back in time to the present Earth-Prime to warn Barry Allen about the danger he posed to the world.[3]

Due to Thawne's actions, including making Barry lose his job at CCPD and the S.T.A.R. Labs, which forced the Scarlet Speedster into becoming paranoid,[4] Barry convinced himself that Despero's words were true so that he willingly decided to give away his power to avoid the destruction of the planet. However, after Deon Owens and Iris West discovered several time alterations, Barry traveled to the Armageddon Timeline.[5]

In the future, Barry discovered that Eobard Thawne was the responsible for the time changes, including turning his team against him and trying to erase him from existence. After discovering that his counterpart was the Reverse-Flash, Barry convinced his "friend", a recently released Damien Darhk, to restore the original timeline where his Nora was still alive.

Darhk gifted him with his Time Stone which Barry wanted to use to help himself being thrown back in time to stop Thawne from ever changing the timeline. As the two speedsters began running all over the Earth, provoking several disasters that destabilized Earth's core, almost causing the Armageddon that Despero had been announcing in the present.

While Darhk was distracting Team Flash in Central City, Barry, along with the help of the future Iris, managed to outrun Thawne and traveled in the past, where he stopped Thawne from becoming the Flash, and restored the original timeline, undoing the Armageddon.[2]

Points of Interest


  • Bat Team
    • Batwing (Luke Fox)
    • Batwoman (Ryan Wilder)
    • Sophie Moore
  • Cisco Ramon (Deceased)
  • Damien Darhk
  • Joe West (Deceased)
  • John Constantine
  • The Legends
    • Nate Heywoood (Deceased)
    • Sara Lance (Deceased)
  • Nora Darhk (Deceased)
  • Marcus
  • Reverse-Flash (Barry Allen)
  • Sentinel (Alex Danvers)
  • Team Flash
  • Two-Face


  • In the altered timeline, Bart and Nora never came to exist as Barry and Iris never got married.
  • After the undoing of the Armageddon, Despero returned to this timeline which was presumably changed due to Barry restoring the original events.[2][6]


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