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A reality in the Multiverse in which Superman turned on humanity.


Roughly thirty-five years ago, the planet Krypton exploded. Baby Kal-El was launched by his parents to Earth, where he was found by a couple from a small farming town who adopted him and loved him like their own. However, when he was a child Kal-El's adoptive parents were killed in a car crash and he spent years in an abusive foster home. One night, Kal-El's powers awoke and he inadvertently killed his foster father. He fled and was quickly arrested and taken to a military facility, but he escaped with his newfound super-strength. While breaking out of the facility he found the ship which brought him to Earth and a Sunstone crystal.

Kal-El fled to the Amazon Rainforest, where the Sunstone created a Fortress of Solitude for him and generated a hologram of his birth father Jor-El. Jor-El told Kal-El of his true heritage and that he must save humanity from themselves. Kal-El trained for years under Jor-El's tutelage and eventually revealed himself to the world as the hero Superman. Superman spent years trying to inspire humanity to be better; however, he lived apart from humans and felt no real emotional connection to them, and after decades of struggle only for evil to remain, he became disgusted with them. Also, as this world's Superman did not become a reporter at the Daily Planet, Lois Lane instead married John Henry Irons and they had a daughter named Natalie.

Unbeknownst to Kal-El, he had a Kryptonian half-brother named Tal-Rho, who had also escaped the destruction of Krypton and was alive on Earth. Tal-Rho had developed a procedure to convert humans into Kryptonians and discovered that the people of Smallville, Kansas were the only people who could be successfully fully converted. As the Superman of his world did not reside in Smallville, Tal-Rho was able to convert the townspeople without interference. When he had built his army of Kryptonians, he approached Superman and asked his brother to join him. Superman sided with Tal-Rho against mankind, and the Kryptonians destroyed Metropolis in seven minutes; however, destroying a major American city only provoked global resistance. Superman also destroyed Coast City with a nuclear bomb intended for the Kryptonians.

A military force known as Hellfire 3-1 was hastily assembled to stop the Kryptonians but Superman effortlessly killed all of them except for John Henry Irons. Lois learned of Superman's secret weakness Kryptonite and announced it on television. Superman tracked her down in the middle of the broadcast and murdered her live on air while John Henry and Natalie were watching. John Henry and Natalie retreated to a bunker where they built a warsuit that would allow him to fight Superman directly, using books to teach themselves the advanced engineering techniques required. However, even with the suit John Henry could not kill Superman, so he developed his ultimate weapon: the Solar Missile. He battled Superman in space but missed when he fired the Missile and opened a rift to another world, which he fell through. Superman himself was plucked from his reality by Magog shortly afterwards. When John Henry disappeared, Natalie followed him through the rift in an escape pod.

This reality was destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, leaving Superman and the Irons's as the only survivors.

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