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Earth-12 is one of the realities in the Multiverse, home to Harrison Wolfgang Wells. This universe is patrolled by the Green Lantern Corps, a space police force which is based on planet Oa, under the control of the Guardians of the Universe.


Pre Crisis

In ancient times, the Guardians of the Universe created the Green Lantern Corps to ensure peace in every corner of the universe. The Guardians also came in possession of the legendary Book of Oa, which contained the secrets of the Multiverse, and stored it into their home world, Oa.

At some point in 21th century, Harrison Wolfgang Wells became an important figure in science on Earth.

Earth-12 was depicted on the map of the Multiverse which Jay Garrick of Earth-3 showed to Barry Allen of Earth-1.[1]

In December 2019, when the Anti-Monitor's Crisis erupted, Phantom Stranger teleported Felicity Smoak, the Ray and Nyssa al Ghul to this universe to retrieve the Book of Oa in order to discover the identities of the Paragons which could save the Multiverse from annihilation.[2]

The Guardians expressed their opposition to the use of the Book but they were interrupted by Shadow Demons of the Anti-Monitor. Led by their leader, Sinestro, the Green Lantern Corps clashed with the multiversal fiends and overpowered them; meanwhile, one of the Guardian, Ganthet, guided Felicity to the Book that showed her every event ever happened in history and allowed her to discover the identities of some of the Paragons.[2]

Later that day, this reality was destroyed by an antimatter wave which the Anti-Monitor had previously unleashed into the Multiverse.[3] After the Spectre and the Paragons managed to reboot the Multiverse, Earth-12 was restored along with all the other destroyed realities.[4]


After the rebirth of the Multiverse, Earth-12 was still protected by the Green Lantern Corps who where joined by a new Lantern, Hal Jordan of Earth. The new recruit helped the Corps defeat the embodiment of Fear itselft, Parallax.[4][5]





  • After the Crisis, Earth-12 was shown to be the setting of the 2011 movie, Green Lantern.
    • The cameo scene could also be intended as a pun to the incoming HBO Max TV series, Green Lantern Corps.

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