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Earth-15, according to Harry Wells' research, is a dead reality in the Multiverse, having somehow become devoid of life.


This universe became somehow a wasteland in 1986.[1] At some point in time, Jay Garrick became aware of this reality's devastation.[1]

The Flash and Vibe sent the atomic radiation blast, emitted from the metahuman Fallout to this reality where it would do the least amount of damage.[2] One year later, Barry Allen thought to send here Cicada II's metahuman-killing virus.[3]

Earth-15 was depicted on Jay Garrick's map of the Multiverse which the former speedster showed to shown to Barry Allen; it also mentioned Earth-15's destruction in 1986.[1]

When the Crisis erupted, this reality was destroyed when an antimatter wave was unleashed upon this world by the Anti-Monitor.[4] After the Paragons rebooted the Multiverse, Earth-15 was restored to the existence along with the other destroyed realities.[5]


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