Earth-16 is reality in the Multiverse where Star City was left in ruins by a vicious attack led by Deathstroke and a new Green Arrow rose up to save the city.


The early history of Earth-16 is very similar to Earth-1's. In 2007, the Queen's Gambit sank and this Oliver Queen and Sara Lance of this world were also stranded on Lian Yu along with Slade Wilson. Eventually, the three of them left the island.

At some point in time, Slade had a son, Grant. Years later, after Oliver returned to Star City and became the Green Arrow, Slade also came to the city as the mercenary Deathstroke but was ultimately defeated by the Emerald Archer.

The history between the two realities diverged after the departing of Sara and Ray for their time adventures: in fact, the two never returned to Star City.

Around 2031, Grant Wilson started donning the mantle of Deathstroke, like his father, and built an army which he used to attack Star City during the so-called Uprising. The Team Arrow confronted the villains but the latters managed to kill John Diggle and Quentin Lance, forcing Felicity Smoak to leave the city: the new Deathstroke defeated Oliver Queen, outed him as the Green Arrow and cut his left arm. The Deathstroke's gang conquered the city while Oliver was forced to go underground, refuging in a destroyed Arrowcave.

Some time later, Diggle's son, John Diggle, Jr. also known as Connor Hawke, suited up as the new Green Arrow to oppose Grant's forces using guerrilla warfare.[1]

Earth-16 and Connor Hawke were glimpsed by Barry Allen while running through the Speed Force.[2]

Star City 2046

After the Waverider malfunctioned, the Legends crashed on the Star City of this reality in the year 2046.[3] Upon arriving on this Earth, they discovered that the city was somehow destroyed in the past and were welcomed by the new Green Arrow. The Legends could not make their timeship work again unless they recovered an engine from the Palmer Tech's buildings, forcing the team to split in groups.

Later, trying to stop a clash between the Green Arrow and the Deathstroke, the Legends discovered that the city fell during the Uprising and this Deathstroke was Slade's son.

Then, Green Arrow and the Legends returned to the Arrowcave where an old, armless Oliver Queen was guarding the place. The previous Emerald Archer revealed to the Legends that the new Green Arrow was Diggle's son, John Diggle, Jr.; he also revealed them that his Sara and Ray never returned so they were not there to stand against Deastroke and his men alogn with the Team.

Sara Lance managed to convince the old Oliver to side with them one last time so the heroes banded together to confront Grant Wilson's army. Deathstroke's goons were taken out by the Legends and Oliver who then helped Connor defeat Grant Wilson and regain control of the city; Sara offered herself to stay there with Oliver but he refused. Then, the Legends left the reality to return into the Temporal Zone.[1]

Alteration of reality and Crisis

At some point in time, Earth-16's timeline was somehow altered, rewriting many past events. In fact, in the new timeline, Sara died in the Queen's Gambit crash but, years later, Star City was still destroyed and Oliver Queen lost his arm.

Earth-16 was depicted on the map of the Multiverse which Jay Garrick showed to Barry Allen.[4]

Months later, when the Crisis finally erupted, Earth-38 was on the verge of extinction so Superman and his wife tried to save their baby son sending him in the space. However, his spacepod fell into a wormhole and crashed on Earth-16 in the remains of the Arrowcave.

The heroes tracked the pod to this reality so Lois Lane, Sara Lance and Brainiac-5 reached Earth-16 to rescue the baby. An upset Oliver Queen approached the foreigners, quickly defeating Dox and facing Sara: after she disabled his cybernetic arm, Oliver had a glimpse of the woman, recognizing her as her beloved, dead Sara. Sara explained him she came from a parallel Earth and tried to make him remember their previous encounter but he did not recognize her and told her that his Sara died on the Queen's Gambit.

Sara realized that the Legends had previously traveled to another reality and told Oliver to not be sad about her as he had made the world better as Green Arrow. Then, the trio and the baby returned to Earth-1.[5]

Later, Earth-16 was destroyed after the Anti-Monitor sent an anti-matter wave that annihilated the universe.[6] After the Paragons rebooted the Multiverse, Earth-16 was restored along with the other realities.[7]



  • Earth-16, along with Earth-2, are the most similar realities to Earth-1.
  • It was never explained why Oliver did not recognized Sara from their previous encounter.
    • As Oliver stated that Sara died on the Queen's Gambit, it may be possibile that some kind of reality-altering event changed the reality so the new chain of events involved Sara's death in the Gambit's sinking.
  • Oliver Queen missing an arm is a reference to Oliver Queen (Earth-31) from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns saga.
  • In a possible future of Earth-1, Connor Hawke, the doppleganger of the John Diggle, Jr. of this reality, is J.J. Diggle's brother.

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