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Earth-167 is a reality in the Multiverse home to the Superman of Smallville.



After being Superman for years, Clark Kent chose to retire, give up his powers and raise a few daughters with Lois Lane. At some point in time, Lex Luthor became the President of the United States of America.

In 2019, Earth-1 Iris West, Earth-38 Lois Lane and Clark Kent journeyed to this Earth in order to stop Earth-38 Lex Luthor from murdering the Superman of this reality.

After warning him about the incoming danger, Luthor sent them away by using the Book of Destiny; then, he introduced himself as alternate Lex but the Clark Kent of this universe didn't recognize him and told him he gave up his powers for good. After being punched by Clark, Luthor chose to spare him and left this world.

Later that day, the universe was destroyed by the Anti-Monitor's Antimatter wave.[1] After the Paragons and the Spectre/Oliver Queen restored the Multiverse,[2] Earth-167 was brought back to the existence, along with its Clark and Lois.[3]


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After the Crisis, Clark Kent also became Superman after years of adventures in Smallville and saving Earth from the invasion of Darkseid.[4] After saving the "Multiverse", along with other heroes of this Earth, Superman formed the Justice League.[5]

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  • Earth-167 is the setting of the Smallville TV show in the Arrowverse Post-Crisis Multiverse.[6]
    • Other realities and alternate timelines/futures were eventually introduced in the tv series and Smallville Season 11 comics. Despite having featured the concept of Multiverse, which faced its own "Crisis" against the "Monitors", these universes are presumably part of a "local" Multiverse, like another Pre-Crisis "local" Multiverse, inside the Arrowverse Multiverse.
  • The Earth designation of this reality is a reference to 1967 which is the birth year of Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the authors of Smallville.

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