Earth-18 is one of the many realities in the Multiverse. It's set in the Wild West era and at least one Lazarus Pit exist in this world.


At some point in time, Jonah Hex became the owner of a cave in North Dakota with a Lazarus Pit inside of it.[1]

Earth-18 was depicted on a map of the Multiverse, shown to Barry Allen by Jay Garrick.[2]

During the Crisis, after the Anti-Monitor destroyed countless Earths, Earth-18 housed the last functioning Lazarus Pit in the Multiverse. When Sara Lance, Mia Smoak and John Constantine came to this universe in search for the Pit, Hex confronted them but was overpowered by the heroes: Sara also scarred him; then, they revived Oliver Queen thanks to Pit's waters.[1]

Later, this reality was destroyed when an anti-matter wave was unleashed upon it by the Anti-Monitor[3]. After the Paragons rebooted the multiverse, Earth-18 was restored along with other Earths of the multiverse.[4]



  • The 19th century setting of this universe is based on 52's Earth-18 and the New 52's Earth 18, both of which are set in the Wild West and are the home of the Justice Riders.
  • The Jonah Hex of this reality is a doppelgänger of Earth-1's Jonah Hex that Sara Lance met multiple times in the past.
    • During their fight, Sara gives Hex the iconic scar that his Earth-1's counterpart also has.
  • This universe is known to have great tequila.[2]

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