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Earth-19 is one of the many realities in the Multiverse. It is the home of H.R. Wells and the Collector Agency, an interdimensional police organization.


Pre Crisis

At some point in time, a neighbour universe of Earth-19 began an invasion of this reality but it was repelled by this universe's defending forces. As a consequence of this war, it was created the Collector Agency, which was led by the metahuman viber Breacher, and interdimensional travel on this reality was outlawed under penalty of death.[1]

The Harrison Wells of Earth-19, H.R. Wells, became a member of the S.T.A.R. Labs and helped The Flash of this reality as a Team Flash member. Some time later, a big conflict, known as the World War M, between the superheroes of Earth-19 and the villainous metahumans erupted: it ultimately ended with the metahumans' defeat.

In the course of years, the Collector Agency added several individual to its ranks, such as the speedster Accelerated Man, the master investigator Zak Zeal and Breacher's daughter herself, Cynthia aka Gypsy.

According to Breacher, Earth-19 was severely damaged by th evil race of the Plastoids who seem to be similar to of Earth-1 superhero, Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man.[2]

In 2014, the infamous techno-wizard Abra Kadabra from an Earth-1 possible future was stuck in the past and began a quest to return to his timeline which led him to travel into the Multiverse. Arriving on Earth-19, he killed several Collectors, like Gypsy's partner, but managed to flee into another universe.[3]

In 2016, another Team Flash member, Randolf Morgan, cracked an invitation from Harry Wells of Earth-2 to find a doppleganger of Harrison Wells who would take his place as a member of Earth-1 Team Flash. As H.R. Wells wanted to explore the Multiverse, Morgan sent him to Earth-1, disguised as himself.[4]

Later that year, Abra Kadabra resurfaced on Earth-1 but was defeated by Team Flash that led Gypsy take him back to Earth-19 where he was sentenced to death.[3]

Earth-19 was depicted on a map of the Multiverse, which Jay Garrick showed to Barry Allen, where it was mentioned the Breacher Agency.[5]

In 2019, Gypsy was killed by the villain Echo, the doppleganger of her ex-boyfriend, Cisco Ramon. As they did not know that Cisco lost his powers several months before Gypsy's death, the Collectors believed him to be the murderer so Breacher came to Earth-1 to capture him; the Earth-1's former hero managed to escape and, later, he found the real culprit and arrested him, honoring the memory of his late ex-girlfriend.[6].

When the Crisis erupted, this reality was destroyed when an antimatter wave was unleashed upon this world by the Anti-Monitor.[7] After the Paragons rebooted the Multiverse, Earth-19 was restored to the existence along with the other destroyed realities.[8]

Post Crisis

After the rebirth of the Multiverse, this reality was somehow changed at its core as it saw the rise of a new hero, the scientist Alec Holland who, in death, became the avatar of the Green, Swamp Thing.[8]

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Pre Crisis

Post Crisis


  • After the rebirth of the Multiverse, this reality became the setting of the 2019 show Swamp Thing.
    • Its designation is a reference to Swamp Thing's release year which was 2019.


  • As mentioned by H.R. Wells, there are sentient gorillas on this Earth.[10]
  • It was never revealed if the Flash of this universe and Accelerated Man are the same person.
    • However, H.R. Wells seems to refer to this Flash as a Barry Allen's doppleganger who Accelerated Man is clearly not.
  • Coffee doesn't exist anymore as it was wiped out by blight in the past.[4]
  • H.R. Wells mentions that the director Hitchcock directed a film on his Earth called Murder on the Titanic, while the movie, Gladiator, was more or less the same, albeit with the title Sweaty Men.
    • He also mentioned that Alfred Yankovic was a renowned poet on his Earth instead of being a musician known best for his parodies of a multitude of popular songs and popular culture.
  • After the rebirth of the Multiverse, an unknown entity known as the Stranger is active on this Earth: it is obviously a reference to the Phantom Stranger.
    • As the Phantom Stranger is a Multiversal entity, it could be possible that the Stranger of Earth-19 and the one from Earth-85 are the same person with different forms.

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