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Earth-2 is the home reality of Harry Wells and his daughter Jesse Quick as well as the evil speedster Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom. Despite being very similar to Earth-1, many of its superheroes as well as other heroes from the Multiverse are villains in this universe.


Early History

Earth-2's background history almost matches Earth-1's except for the fact that this reality had more wars, including the War of the Americas[2]. In this reality, S.T.A.R. Labs were also created by Harrison Wells and his wife.

Laurel Lance's father died on her 13th birthday after a car accident which was caused by a drunk man.[3]

At some point in time, Jefferson Pierce obtained the metahuman power to emit and control electricity, becoming the Black Lightning; his meta gene was later passed to his daughters, Jinn and Anissa.[4]

In 2007, Robert Queen's yacht crashed, like on Earth-1, but he survived instead of his son Oliver; his other daughter, Thea, eventually died on her 18th birthday from a Vertigo overdose.[5]

Years later, Queen returned to Starling City where he became the vigilante known as The Hood and, later, as The Arrow.[6]

Some time before 2013, the mad criminal Hunter Zolomon was arrested for commiting a long series of murders which was quite unusual on this universe: because of his crimes, he was sentenced to death in the electric chair.

In 2013, S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded so that many people in Central City gained superpowers, becoming metahumans from whom, later, Harrison Wells took advantage as he managed to engineer a watch that could track their presence.[7]

During the explosion, Hunter Zolomon was being executed for his crimes so he was hit by dark matter, which was mixed with the electricity of the chair, allowing him to tap into the Speed Force which gifted him a superhuman speed: the criminal quickly came to be known on Earth as the supervillain Zoom. Various metahumans, like Atom Smasher and King Shark, were also corrupted by their new abilities and became supervillains, aligning themselves with the unstoppable speedster.[7]

Laurel Lance also became a metahuman with sonic powers under the alias of Black Siren; after being empowered, she tracked her father's killer in a Starling City alley and blasted him with her abilities without murdering him.[3]

At some point in time after his rise as villain, Zoom traveled to Earth-3 where he challenged and defeated its speedster; the evil speedster captured him and took his identity as Jay Garrick and the Flash to instill false hope in his home universe: as "Jay", he also antagonized Wells for his metahuman business.[8] However, Zoom's hunger for more speed led him to inject himself with the Velocity serum which damaged his DNA, causing his slow fall to death.

In early 2015, Robert Queen was unmasked as the Hood.[6]

Meeting with Earth-1

After Barry Allen aka The Flash of Earth-1 defeated the Reverse Flash, a singularity opened in the sky, connecting Earth-1 with Earth-2[9]. Various metahumans used the wormholes to reach the alternate reality, including Zoom who also captured Jesse Quick to force his father reach Earth-1 and find a solution of his mortal illness.

After he was defeated by The Flash, Gorilla Grodd was sent to Earth-2 into the hidden Gorilla City, a place which was only inhabited by sentient gorillas and ruled by King Solovar.

Eventually, the Team Flash found out Harry Wells' intention so they closed every breach to Earth-2 except for one which they used to travel to the alternate universe. Barry met his doppleganger, who had an happy life with his beloved Iris, but he was later shocked from discovering that, in this reality, his friends were supervillains under the command of Zoom.[10]

Ronald Raymond aka Deathstorm, Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost and Cisco Ramon aka Reverb tried to kill Flash so Deathstorm and Reverb were murdered by Zoom who had previously ordered them to let Barry live as he needed his speed.[10]

However, Zoom managed to capture him so Harry and Cisco had to team up with Frost to free the heroes, along with Jesse, but "Jay" was killed by Zoom in the process of closing the final breach[11]. Later, Cisco used his powers to let Zoom return to Earth-1 so that Barry could defeat him: however, Zoom kidnapped Wally and forced Barry to exchange his speed for his step-brother's freedom; the evil speedster also brought Caitlin to his lair on Earth-2 where it was also imprisoned her evil doppleganger along with the original Jay Garrick.

As Zolomon was in love with her because of his time as "Jay", the speedster brought her back to Earth-1, also leading there[12] his army of metahumans, including Laurel Lance aka Black Siren in order to wreak havok in Central City[13] and distract them enough to put in motion his plan to destroy Earth-2 and every reality in the Multiverse using the Magnetar.[14]

Eventually, the heroes stopped him so Earth-2 was finally free of his menace and Jesse Quick became its superhero.[14]

Later events and Crisis

In early 2017, Harry Wells was captured by the sentient gorillas of Gorilla City. His daughter, Jesse, breached to Earth-1 to ask Team Flash help so Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Julian Albert traveled to Earth-2 to rescue their friend.

However, they fell prey to Gorilla Grodd's telepathic powers and were also captured by gorillas. Barry's powere were dampened and he had to fight Solovar who had planned to invade Earth-1 with his gorilla army: eventually, Barry defeated him but refused to kill the gorilla. This was part of Grodd's master plan to instill fear about humans into the gorilla so they accepted his plan to conquer Earth-1.[15]

After taking control of Gypsy, the gorilla army invaded Central City[15]. Eventually, the return of Barry and the help of Solovar managed to stop Grodd's plan and the gorillas returned to their homeland.[16]

When Jay Garrick decided to take Wally's place in the Speed Force prison, Jesse Quick left Earth-2 to became the substitute speedster hero of Earth-3[17].

Later that year, Barry hid Iris on Earth-2 to save her from her prophesied demise at the hands of the so-called God of Speed, Savitar. However, the speedster managed to find their location and traveled to this reality to capture her and lead her to her destiny.[18]

Jay was eventually freed from his prison after Savitar's death so Jesse could return to be the Flash of Earth-2.[19]

Around 2018 or early 2019, the A.S.A. occupied Freeland in order to deal with the metahumans who were created in the city. Some time later, Jinn Pierce discovered her latent powers and began working for the A.S.A.: his father tried to stop her as she was being used by its chief, Odell but the girl chose to side with the latter and slaughtered all the metahumans in Freeland as Odell ordered her. Jinn's family finally confronted her about her murders but Jefferson was forced to fight against her: however, the evil metahuman overpowered him and executed him and, then, proceded toalso murder his mother and sister.[4]

Adrian Chase became a vigilante in Starling City, taking from Robert Queen the mantle of The Hood, using this reality's version of Arrowcave as his base.[5]

At some point in time after the defeat of the Ninth Circle, Black Siren returned to her reality where she began to team up with Adrian Chase in fighting crime in Starling City. Meanwhile, Tommy Merlyn had become the Dark Archer and began cooperating with the corrupted SSPD officers, Rene Ramirez and Dinah Drake, plotting his revenge for her sister's death.[5]

Earth-2 was depicted in Jay Garrick's map of the Multiverse where they were mentioned antimatter signatures upon this reality.[20]

In October 2019, Mar Novu, also known as the Monitor, sent his enforcer Oliver Queen to Earth-2 in order to retrieve dwarf star particles which were being studied by Queen-Merlyn Enterprises. As he needed his family's dopplegangers to believe he was his deceased Earth-2 counterpart, Oliver landed on Lian Yu where a ship saved him, like many years before in his home reality; later, he was welcomed to Starling City by Moira Queen and his husband Malcolm Merlyn; he also discovered that Tommy's survival and Thea's death.

Oliver ran into Black Siren and Adrian Chase before discovering that John Diggle had followed him to Earth-2 to help him in his mission; later, the Emerald Archer infiltrated Merlyn's company, searching for the dwarf star but he was stopped by the infamous Dark Archer who took the particles away. Believing him to be Malcolm Merlyn, Oliver menaced him but the real Dark Archer confronted him again, revealing himself as Tommy Merlyn before capturing him.

Diggle managed to free Oliver so the two heroes, along with Black Siren and Adrian Chase, tracked down Merlyn in order to stop his plan to destroy the Glades; after a brief battle, Oliver managed to stop Merlyn's doomsday plan and defeat him, letting SCPD arrest him along with his associates. Diggle and Laurel reached Oliver to the Star City Police Department to ask him about the Monitor's plan so he was forced to tell them about his prophesied death and the incoming Crisis.

Suddenly, the sky turned red as reality began to fade away around Oliver and the others: they saw Moira, Merlyn and the other Earth-2 residents vanish because of a wall of red energy: in fact, the Anti-Monitor had unleashed an antimatter wave upon the universe to test his antimatter cannon as he had previously felt the Monitor's presence on this universe. Oliver, Diggle and Black Siren managed to breach away to Earth-1 just before the total annihilation of Earth-2.[5]

Jinn Pierce managed to save herself from her world's demise by unconsciously projecting her mind into a pocket dimension which was born from her powers and surviving until months later when, after the beginning of the Crisis, Jennifer Pierce and Gen Pierce were also blasted into their astral plane. They remembered their different origins but, in the end, reality caught up with Jinn so she was also erased from existence along with Gen.[4]


The New Earth-2.

After the Spectre and the Paragons rebooted the Multiverse, Earth-2 was restored to the existence along with the other destroyed realities.[21]

The new version of Earth-2 seems to be different from its Pre-Crisis incarnation as it saw the rise of the new superhero, Stargirl, and the reformation of the Justice Society of America[21] to stop the doomsday plan of the Injustice Society of America.[22]

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  • Earth-2 is conceptually inspired by Pre-Crisis Earth-Three and 52's Earth-3 as well as New 52's Earth 3 as it is populated by evil version of Earth-1 heroes and good version of villains.
    • In the Multiverse, Earth-27 is also inspired by these realities.
  • The history of Earth-2 has many similarities with Earth-1's but some events unfolded differently:
    • Barry Allen and Iris West fell in love much earlier in their lifetime;
    • Harrison Wells never died and became the billionaire owner of S.T.A.R. Labs.
    • Malcolm Merln seemingly never joined the League of Assassins, preventing the events that would cause the Undertaking, Tommy's death, Ra's al Ghul's ordeal and the following renaming of Starling City as Star City.
    • Robert Queen survived instead of Oliver Queen so the events that involved Slade Wilson, Baron Reiter and the Bratva never happened.
    • Thea Queen died on her 18th birthday because Oliver was not there to save here, like on Earth-1.
    • Laurel's father died sooner than on Earth-1, causing the girl to go evil after gaining her powers, while his other daughter was mentioned to be an old flame of Oliver but she was not on the Queens' yacht the night it crashed.
  • Earth-2 was the first reality to vanish because of the Anti-Monitor's revenge plan.
  • Atlantis is revealed to exist on Earth-2.[10]
  • Bruce Wayne also existed in this reality and is referenced a few times.
    • Bruce was mentioned to be Barry Allen's friend[10].
    • While Oliver was being saved from a cargo ship from Lian Yu, Batman's mask is shown on this island: this may imply that Bruce was also the Dark Knight in this universe and, furthermore, he could also be involved in the same events that Oliver experienced on Earth-1.
    • Adrian Chase referred to Bruce as his mentor.

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