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Earth-221 is one of the realities in the Multiverse. It is the home of the detective, Harrison Sherloque Wells.


At some point in time, Sherloque Wells became a master detective with Watsune as his partner. Later, he became acknowledged as the greatest detective in the Multiverse[1], being hired across many Earths to discover the identity of the serial killer Cicada.[1]

Some time later, Jervis Tetch aka Mad Hatter started a killing spree on Earth-221, murdering his victims with a memory machine. Sherloque and Watsune chased him but they had a fight after the former discovered his wife cheating on him with his partner. Watsune decided to confront Tetch alone but was left brain dead after Mad Hatter used his killing machine on him. In the end, Sherloque found out the death of his partner and finally arrested the serial killer.[2]

After the rise of the future Cicada, Sherloque Wells sent his lover Renee Adler, a telekinetic metahuman, to his Earth, promising her to find her after Team Flash had defeated the future villain.[3] In the end, Team Flash managed to erase Cicada from existence and Sherloque returned to Earth-221, where Renee was waiting for him.[4]

Earth-221 was depicted on a map of the Multiverse, shown to Barry Allen by Jay Garrick, with the mention of Sherloque Wells as one of its resident.[5]

When the Crisis erupted, this reality was destroyed when an anti-matter wave was unleashed upon it by the Anti-Monitor.[6]. After the Paragons rebooted the Multiverse, Earth-221 was restored along with the other Earths of the Multiverse.[7]



  • The name of this Earth is clearly inspired to 221B Baker Street, the address of the fictional master detective Sherloque Holmes.
    • Both Sherloque and his partner Watsune are based upon the characters of Sherlock Holmes and the doctor John H. Watson.
    • Another reference to Sherlock Holmes is the Sherloque's love for all the dopplegangers of Renee Adler, a clear reference to Irene Adler who, in the novels, is greatly admired by the detective.

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