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Earth-3 is a retro-themed reality in the Multiverse, protected by Jay Garrick aka The Flash. Zeppelins are very popular on this Earth.


On Earth-3, Henry Allen's counterpart was raised by his single mother. She named him Jay and he used her her maiden name Garrick as his surname. At some point in 20th Century, Jay Garrick became a famous speedster superhero, known as The Flash, stylized as the Crimson Comet.

Some time after his rise as villain, the speedster Zoom of Earth-2 travelled to this universe and kidnapped Jay to bring him to his home Earth in order to steal his speed to avoid death. Then, he imprisoned him in his lair and created a time remnant who took Jay's identity as the Flash of Earth-2.

When Zolomon was defeated by Barry Allen, the Flash of Earth-1, Jay Garrick was rescued, regained his identity and returned back home.[1]

After discovering the reality-changing problems caused by the Flashpoint, Barry Allen tried to travel again back in time to change the reality but was pulled out from the Speed Force by Jay Garrick who took him on Earth-3 where he explained him that there could be serious consequences of altering time, discouraging from trying again.[2]

In 2016, The Flash tried to stop a bank robbing operated by his arch-nemesis, the Trickster but was almost killed when the latter activated a time bomb. The Flash of Earth-1 travelled just in time to Earth-3, saving Garrick and explaining him that he wanted his help and advices in taking down his foes, the God of Speed Savitar and his enforcer Alchemy.[3]

Later, when Jay Garrick agreed to stay imprisoned in the Speed Force in order for Wally West to be set free, Jesse Quick came to Earth-3 to become its new protector.[4] Eventually, Jay was freed from the Speed Force and resumed his duties as Earth-3's hero as Jesse returned to her home reality.[5]

After averting a nuclear explosion on Earth-1, Jay Garrick gave up being the Flash so he returned to his universe and began to train a new hero who could take his place as the savior of Earth-3.[6]. At some point in time after these events, Jay assumed an assistent, Joan Williams, and fell in love with her: she helped him with the gradual lose of his Speed Force connection and they eventually got married.

Years later, a now retired Garrick and his wife Joan tracked antimatter signatures, coming from all over the Multiverse. When the Flash of Earth-1 came to Earth to seek their help after discovering that the Crisis had shifted to 2019, Garrick showed him a map of the Multiverse with his discoveries, suggesting to see what was coming: the Garricks built a neural hyper-collider that projected Barry's mind into the space-time, letting the young hero discover the incoming destruction of the Multiverse.[7]

During the Crisis, this reality was destroyed by an antimatter wave which was previously unleashed on the infinite realities by the Anti-Monitor.[8] After the Spectre and the Paragons rebooted the Multiverse, Earth-3 was restored to the existence along with the other destroyed realities.[9]

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  • The retro style of this universe suggests a loosely inspiration from the Pre-Crisis Earth-Two.
    • The presence of the Garricks, who appeared for the first time on Earth-Two in the comics, also suggests this hypothesis.
  • Earth-3's continuity seems to have been merged into Earth-Prime like other Pre-Crisis realities in the aftermath of the Crisis as Jay Garrick and Joan Williams had always lived in the new universe.[10]
    • This implies that a whole new reality has replaced Earth-3 in the Multiverse.

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