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Earth-38 was the home reality of Supergirl, Superman and their enemies.


Earth-38 was the home of Supergirl, Superman and their allies and enemies. Unlike many of the other universes, Earth-38 had adapted to the existence of aliens, with the planet often struggling to accept alien immigrants and refugees as well as being home to many attempted invasions. Their first hero, Superman, arrived in 1979, with his cousin, Kara Zor-El, arriving in 2003. Kara later became Supergirl in 2015 after saving a plane filled with passengers and began following in her cousin's footsteps, adopting her own team in the process. Superman and Supergirl would occasionally team-up and the planet would find newer heroes such as the Legion of Super-Heroes in the future.

In 2019, Earth-38 found itself facing imminent destruction via an anti-matter wave. Aware of the cataclysmic event, the heroes of Earth-1 arrived to stop the wave through various quantum towers placed by the Monitor. Despite temporarily suppressing the wave, the citizens of Earth-38 were forced to evacuate as Green Arrow of Earth-1 stayed behind, sacrificing himself to save billions. Earth-38 was then destroyed. Unfortunately though, despite succeeding in saving many of Earth-38's residents, Earth-1 would soon be destroyed too, leaving the Paragons as the lone survivors. After the Crisis ended, thanks to the Spectre and the Paragons, the multiverse was restored, although subtle changes were made. Earth-38 was one of three Earths absorbed into a new universe dubbed Earth-Prime, with much of Earth-38's history still intact in the amalgamated Earth. It was later revealed that Lex Luthor, using the Book of Destiny, had edited his own history to clear his name and criminal history.


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