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Earth-51 is one of the many realities in the Multiverse.


At some point in time, Thaddeus Brown became a master escapist, famous enough to be acknowledged by Sherloque Wells of Earth-221 who came to this Earth to be trained by him.[1]

Earth-51 was depicted on a map of the Multiverse, shown to Barry Allen by Jay Garrick, with the mention of Thaddeus Brown as one of its resident.[2]

When the Crisis erupted, this reality was destroyed when an anti-matter wave was unleashed upon it by the Anti-Monitor[3]. After the Paragons rebooted the multiverse, Earth-51 was restored along with the other Earths of the multiverse.[4]



  • The mention of Thaddeus Brown as resident of this Earth is presumably a reference to Thaddeus Brown's creator Jack Kirby and the New 52's Earth 51 which is reality that is home to several Kirby's creations such as Kamandi or the New Gods.

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