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Earth-75 is one of the many Earths in the Multiverse.


Some time in early 21st Century, the Kryptonian hero, Superman, also known as the Man of Steel, became the protector of Earth on this reality.

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Earth-75 in the Multiverse map

The Flash of Earth-3, Jay Garrick, journeyed to this reality in the past and recorded its existence on the Multiverse map.[1]

During the Crisis, Earth-75 was visited by the Lex Luthor of Earth-38 who was travelling through what was left of the Multiverse in order to exterminate all the Supermen still alive: he targeted and, eventually, killed the Superman of this reality.

Superman and Lois Lane of Earth-38 also came to this universe to verify if its Superman was the foretold Paragon of Truth; however, they arrived too late as Lex had already killed Superman. TV news showed Superman's dead body, which was being mourned by a crying Lois Lane, and blamed the Lex Luthor of this reality for his death.[2]

Later that day, this world was destroyed by an antimatter wave which was previously unleashed into the Multiverse by the Anti-Monitor's Antimatter Cannon.[2] After the the Spectre and the Paragons rebooted the Multiverse, Earth-75 was restored to the existence along with the other destroyed realities.[3]

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  • Earth-75 has not been shown in the Post-Crisis Multiverse.


  • This universe is named after Superman #75 that featured Superman's death at the hands of Doomsday.
    • Similarly, Lois holding Superman's body homages the iconic scene of Lois Lane crying on Clark's dead body.
  • The Lois Lane of this Earth is a doppelganger of the Earth-38 Lois.
    • As the media mistook Lex Luthor with the Lex of this world, it is implied they're also dopplegangers.

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