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Earth-76 is a reality of the Multiverse whose Washington, D.C. is protected by Wonder Woman.



During the Crisis, after unleashing his Antimatter Wave into the Multiverse, the Anti-Monitor sent his enforcer, Outkast, to Earth-76 to speed up its destruction.

The Monitor sent a group of heroes, including Earth-1 The Flash/Barry Allen, Batwoman, Kid Flash and Nyssa al Ghul, to stop him. At the same time, Pariah was also displaced to this reality as a consequence of his "cursed" abilities.

While the heroes and Pariah clashed against the antimatter-manipulating supervillain in Washington, D.C., Wonder Woman, the greatest hero of this Earth, began rescuing people from the destruction caused by antimatter. However, she could nothing against the energy wave and was erased from existence along with her universe and all the other residents.

Just before the universe was completely erased by the antimatter wave, Harbinger managed to teleport them to the Waverider.[2]

One month later, after The Spectre and the Paragons rebooted the Multiverse, Earth-76 was restored to the existence along with all the other universes.[3]


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After the rebirth of the Multiverse, during a mission to return the stranded Steve Trevor to the United States of America, the Princess of the Amazons of Paradise Island, Diana, became once again the superhero known as Wonder Woman and helped the Allies fight the Nazis.[4]

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  • Earth-76 is the setting of the Wonder Woman tv series in the Arrowverse Multiverse.
  • The Earth designation of this reality references Season 1 of Wonder Woman being mainly released in 1976 after its plot premiered in late 1975.
  • Post-Crisis Earth-76 and its Wonder Woman were originally meant to appear during the Flashpoint Crisis in The Flash movie but the cameo was ultimately cut due to time constraints.[5]

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