Earth-85 is one of the many realities in the Multiverse. It's defended by its own Justice League.


At some point in time, the Justice League is formed on this universe.

When the Crisis erupted, the Anti-Monitor travelled to this universe where he battled the local superheroes at the Dawn of Time.

While on searching for the Book of Oa, an Earth-1 team, composed of Felicity Smoak, the Ray and Nyssa al Ghul, also came to this world, witnessing the ongoing battle. A cosmic being, known as Phantom Stranger, met the group and offered his help, trasporting them to Earth-12 where they could find what they were looking for.[1]

Later, this reality was destroyed when an anti-matter wave was unleashed upon it by the Anti-Monitor[2]. After the Paragons rebooted the multiverse, Earth-85 was restored along with the other Earths of the multiverse.[3]



  • This universe is heavily inspired by the original Crisis on Infinite Earths event, collecting characters from all over the Pre-Crisis multiverse and mirroring the iconic battle at the Dawn of Time.

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