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Earth-96 is the home earth of Kal-El.


After The Monitor decided a person to be the Paragon of Truth, he sends Kal-El of Earth-38, Lois Lane of Earth-38 and Iris West of Earth-1 visit Kal-El of Earth-96 on Metropolis. They visit him and tell him about the Crisis with the Anti-Monitor in the Multiverse, he then appears with his Kingdom Come costume but is soon controlled by Lex Luthor of Earth-38 with the Book of Destiny but after being knocked out by Earth-38 Lois Lane, they're all teleported with the exclusion of Lex himself.

Hours later, Earth-96 is destroyed by Mobius through the wave of antimatter. It was later restored after Spectre sacrificed himself to recreate the Multiverse and the defeat of the Anti-Monitor, where it was last time seen by Kal-El himself.


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