Earth-99 is an Earth in the multiverse, home of the murderous Bruce Wayne.


The Bruce Wayne of this universe had practised vigilantism for quite some time. His cousin, Kate, was killed at some point. Bruce's mental stability weakened and became strained as time went on, becoming more brutal and dangerous. He eventually began killing many members of his rogues gallery and took their notable equipment as trophies. He also battled Superman and killed him, taking his glasses as an addition to his trophies. This fight led to him becoming crippled, requiring an exoskeleton to move properly. In 2019, Kara Danvers and Kate Kane visited Earth-99 in search of one of the Paragons. Kate met the aged Bruce Wayne at Wayne Manor after Luke tried to turn them away. Kate argued with Bruce about his aptitude as a hero and revealed him as a potential Paragon. However, Kara later discovered Bruce's true nature as a murderer after finding Clark's glasses, denouncing him. Bruce then tried to attack the duo but was electrocuted in the scuffle, killing him. Later, during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Earth-99 was destroyed by an anti-matter wave. After the Crisis ended, the Spectre and the Paragons restored the multiverse, presumably including Earth-99 and its residents.




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