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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth-Prime, Prime Earth.

Earth-Prime is the designation for an universe created during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.


On December 10th 2019, the multiverse was destroyed by an anti-matter wave created by the Anti-Monitor, as part of a plan to replace it with his antimatter universe. The only known survivors were the Paragons. Months after being trapped in the Vanishing Point, with the help of the Spectre, the Paragons were able to escape, defeat the Anti-Monitor and rebirth the multiverse. The new multiverse was drastically different to the original, with numerous Earths having merged to create Earth-Prime, which was a merging of Earth-1, Earth-38 and Black Lightning's Earth.

Moreover, leftovers from other universes, such as Laurel Lance and Gorilla City from Earth-2, Jay Garrick and Joan Williams from Earth-3 and Ray Terrill and the Freedom Fighters from Earth-X all existed in new forms with memories of the new Earth only. The merging of universes naturally meant that events from the original Earths' timelines, which depended on the multiverse to happen, now happened slightly differently. An example of this is Earth-2's Hunter Zolomon's plan to use his metahuman army from his Earth to take over Earth-1 (dubbed the Metapocalypse), was now a direct cause of the Singularity caused by the black hole of 2015. Similarly, the Nazi invasion of Earth-1 by those from Earth-X was rewritten to be caused by time travelling Nazi clones of the superheroes of Earth-Prime.

Unrelated timeline changes also occurred for unknown reasons, such as the Legends joining Rip Hunter's cause a year earlier in 2015, Barry learning electrokinesis earlier in 2015, and the Alpha-Omega virus being released in Hong Kong a year also too in 2009. The merging of universes also caused other irregularities, such as the numerous doppelgangers of Harrison Wells to exist within Nash Wells' mind, including that of Eobard Thawne, who had previously taken over Earth-1's Harrison's body. The creation of Earth-Prime also fractured the Phantom Zone, as witnessed by Kara Zor-El and Querl Dox. The geography of Central City was also changed after the Crisis, with Barry finding it difficult to find his parents' graves in the new city layout. Directly post-Crisis, Barry found it discombobulating trying to navigate the new city at high speed.

Many of the surviving doppelgangers who survived Crisis soon died of neural disonance as only one doppelganger could survive. Such an example was that of Beth Kane, who was not native of the original Earth-1. With both Beth Kane and Alice being doppelgangers, Beth soon succummed to the disonance and died, allowing Alice to live. This did not affect the Laurel Lance of Earth-2, as the original Earth-1 Laurel Lance remained dead in this rebooted timeline. Numerous timeline alterations had also been made by Oliver Queen to save those who had previously died, such as his mother Moira Queen and Quentin Lance.

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  • This universe shares the same name as the keystone "real world" in the comics, also designated as Earth 33.

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