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The "Elseworlds" is an Earth-1-based alternate reality which was created by an Arkham Asylum scientist, John Deegan, using the mystical Book of Destiny on the behalf of the Monitor, a cosmic entity who was testing various realities through the Multiverse in order to find valiant heroes that could lead the resistence against the forces of evil in the incoming Crisis.


First Elseworld

Not long after the destruction of Earth-90, the Monitor came to Earth-1 where he approached John Deegan, a disillusioned Gotham City scientist, to whom he entrusted the Book of Destiny, saying to him to reshape the reality as he wished.

The Book showed him the secrets of the universe so he also learned the real identities of the superheroes, Flash and Green Arrow: however, he failed to use the Book in the right way, managing to switch the heroes' bodies, resulting in Oliver Queen becoming the Flash and Barry Allen becoming the Green Arrow.

Oliver woke up as Barry Allen, being disoriented by his superspeed, while Barry was sent to the A.R.G.U.S.' base where he tried to explain to Diggle that he was not the real Oliver. After the two heroes went together at the S.T.A.R. Labs and tried to convince their other members of Team Flash about their body change, the unaware team knocked them out and imprisoned them in the pipeline.

Thanks to their abilities, the couple of heroes managed to escape and breached away to Earth-38, after convincing Iris of having been switched, in order to reach Supergirl and Superman that were untouched by the Book's reality-altering power.

In the altered reality, Ivo Laboratories had built a power-duplicating android, using the Mirakuru serum, called A.M.A.Z.O which started to wreak havok in Central City. Team Flash could not stop its rampage and only the arrival of the heroes from Earth-38 saved them from the android. Despite the great number of heroes working together, A.M.A.Z.O. gained the upper hand, after copying all of their abilities, but was ultimately destroyed when the group strategically combined their powers.[1]

Later, Vibe managed to track Deegan to Gotham City[1] so, after stopping Joe Wilson from killing Diggle, the heroes traveled there but thy were arrested by GCPD for breaking and entering.

They were released thanks to Kate Kane, the cousin of the billionaire Bruce Wayne who welcomed them into the abandoned Wayne Enterprises building. As Kara somehow knew Bruce as, on her reality, he was Batman and a friend of his cousin Clark, she and Kate quickly connected as they talked about their cousins, realizing that Bruce Wayne was also Batman on Earth-1.

Kate Kane sent the group to the Arkham Asylum where Deegan staged a break-out to distract them from capturing him. Barry and Oliver were poisoned by Scarecrow's Fear Toxin, dreaming of Eobard Thawne and Malcolm Merlyn, and forcing them to fight against each other: they were saved just in time by the vigilante Batwoman who was Kate Kane in disguise.

The heroes stopped the inmates' escape and recovered the Book of Destiny. At the A.R.G.U.S.'s base, a survivor of Earth-90, the speedster Barry Allen aka Flash advised them about the Monitor's plans and the fate of his world.

The cosmic entity reached the heroes and breached the Flash of Earth-90 away; he also conjured the Book of Destiny and reached a fugitive Deegan to whom He entrusted the mystical book again, encouraging him to think bigger.[2]

The Rise of Superman

John Deegan reshaped again the reality, heavily influenced by the events of the first Elseworld. Inspired by Clark Kent, he shaped himself as a black-suited Superman who was the ruler of the new reality.

Barry and Oliver were turned into the villainous Trigger Twins while Ricardo Diaz, Joe Wilson and Malcolm Merlyn had become police officers of the CCPD.

Supergirl was imprisoned in the S.T.A.R. Labs while her sister's counterpart worked there along with this reality's John Diggle and Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost.

After escaping from police and a brief meeting with the Monitor, Barry and Oliver reached a bar where Gary Green's counterpart worked in order to track the Cisco of this reality. They discovered that Cisco had become a mob boss known as Mr. Ramon whose right hand was an alternate version of Jimmy Olsen.

The Twins convinced him to breach them into Earth-38 to bring again Superman on their reality. Meanwhile, a powerless Kara had already been released by Alex Danvers and managed to restore everyone's powers after his cousin, who returned with the Twins to Earth-1, engaged Deegan distracting him enough to steal the Book of Destiny from the time vault.

Seeing his plans almost failing again, Deegan got enraged and was able to get the Book back so he began to reshape again the reality: Barry and Kara tried to gain enough time to stop him by running and flying at superspeed around the Earth. They were dying because of this desperate move so, in order to save them, Oliver Queen made a deal with the Monitor in exchange for becoming his enforcer in the future Crisis.

Deegan restored the existence of A.M.A.Z.O. who engaged Superman and the newly-arrived Brianiac-5 and Martian Manhunter who destroyed the robot again. Suddenly, Oliver arrived on the scene and fired a Monitor-powered arrow onto the Book of Destiny, nullifying his connection with Deegan, destroying the Elseworld and restoring the original reality.[3]



  • After the rebirth of the Multiverse, it is unknown if this reality ever came to exist.
  • The second Elseworld conceptually resembles Pre-Crisis Earth-Three, 52's Earth-3 and New 52's Earth 3 as well as this Multiverse's Earth-2 and Earth-27.
  • Mr. Ramon's abilities may suggest that the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator also exploded in this altered version of Earth-1.
  • The Flash of Earth-90 implied that the Monitor also created an Elseworld on his home reality.
  • The mask of Bane from this reality is similar to the The Dark Knight Rises's Bane. It is unknown if they are doppleganger or they just wear a similar outfit.

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