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The Flashpoint Timeline was created when the Flash went back in time and changed history after saving his mother.


Creation of the Flashpoint

After the defeat of Zoom, Barry Allen aka the Flash was feeling too broken to move on with his life so he ran back in time on March 18, 2000 to save his mother from the Reverse Flash, stopping him just before he dealt the fatal blow to her.[1]

This action created a new reality, dubbed "Flashpoint" by the Reverse Flash who was captured and imprisoned by Barry while the events of the Earth-1 unfolded differently in the fresh-born world.[2]

Before 2016

The S.T.A.R. Labs were bought by this reality's Cisco Ramon who became a genius billionaire, head of the newly-baptised Ramon Industries, but lacking his vibrational powers as the particle accelerator explosion that created all the metahumans in Central City never happened. Similarly Caitlin Snow became an optomologist for kids instead of a scientist.

However, like on Earth-1, some metahumans such as Magenta or Shade still existed in this timeline.

During a thunderstorm, Wally West was running in his special-fueled car when he was hit by a lightning and, after some months spent in a coma, woke up as a speedster, naming himself The Flash. Wearing a special suit created by Cisco, who refused to help him in his mission, and being only helped by his sister Iris, as his father Joe was an alocholic and always absent even from work, he fought crime and supervillains like his arch-enemy, the speedster Edward Clariss aka the Rival.

At some point in time before 2016, Julio Mendez became a Captain of CCPD instead of David Singh.


In 2016, Clive Yorkin, a metahuman who could kill anyone with a single touch, was arrested by CCPD.

Barry Allen ran to this time, superseding this timeline's Barry, with the Reverse Flash and lived here for three months along with his parents without using his superspeed powers. However, living in this reality made Barry start losing his memories from Earth-1 but he cannot accept leaving his parents.

During one of their clashes, Barry saved the yellow-suited Flash of this reality from being hit by the Rival's lightning and discovered that, instead of him, Wally had become the Flash and Iris was helping him from behind the scenes. He expressed him his doubt about the real possibility of him defeating the speedster villain.

Later, Barry and Wally tracked the Rival down at a sawmill where he challenged one of them to a match. Wally offered himself to face him first but the Rival showed himself being faster and stronger, impaling him and leaving him in a comatose state. Then, Barry single-handedly defeated the villain and Joe gunned him down.

After discovering that Wally could not be cured from his state, Barry understood that he needed to restore the reality and shared a tearful goodbye with his parents. He and Iris turned to the Reverse Flash who told them they had to undo the reality changes: Barry knew that Thawne implied going back in time and killing his mother again.

Barry understood that everyone's life worsened because of his selfishness so he took Thawne and ran together to the night of his mother's murder. There, Thawne said him goodbye, running into Barry's house to kill Nora and correcting the timeline back to the way it was, erasing this world in the process.[2]

Meanwhile, outside of time, Savitar, a time remnant of Barry[3], born in the Post-Flashpoint reality, waited for the timeline to be restored to its original state to enact his plan of freedom from his prison in the Speed Force.[4]



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