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The Inverse World, also referred to as the Bizarro World, is an alternate reality in the Multiverse which is populated by bizarre versions of Superman's Earth's residents.


In the past, the Kryptonian brothers Kal-El and Tal-Rho were sent to Earth to escape the destruction of their home planet; decades later, Kal-El became a well-known superhero along with his own family.

Some time later, this world was conquered by Ally Allston and her followers. Kal-El tried to prevent Ally Allston's rise to power and her masterplan to merge their own reality with a reversed one by using the Oblivion Stone: after injecting himself with Green Kryptonite, which altered his own body structure, the Kryptonian was able to steal the pendant and escape to the alternate Earth.

Some time later, the Ally Allston and her followers from the other Earth tried to reach the Inverse World but their attempt was stopped by Superman who was himselft stuck in the alternate reality along with Ally.

Superman joined Bizarro Ally's enemies that were trying to stop her from destroying both worlds. In the meantime, the evil dictator managed to merge herself with the main Ally Allston, becoming a parasitic version of herself.

After stealing Superman's Kryptonian powers, the woman eventually traveled to the space between the worlds and began merging both the universes: people, objects and places from all over the two realities began switching their places between the two universes.

However, "Parasite" Ally was stopped by the combined forces of John Henry Irons, his daughter Natalie and a restored Superman that undid the Allstons' merge and used his new found abilities to return the Inverse World red-sun to its own universe. Later, the Tal-Rho of the other world chose to be displaced to the Inverse World in order to start a new life, impersonating his deceased counterpart.

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  • The Inverse World is inspired by both Pre-Flashpoint Htrae and, mainly, the Post-Flashpoint Earth 29.
  • Although almost everyone on Superman's world has a counterpart on the inverse world, some people do not. For example, as Lana Lang married Tal-Rho rather than Kyle Cushing, there are no inverse counterparts to Sarah and Sophie Cushing. They themselves have expressed concern over the implications of merging the worlds, with no inverse counterpart to pair with.

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