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This is a possible future of Earth-38 where Mon-El goes to space in a Kryptonian Rocket after the L-Corp infected the atmosphere during the Daxamite invasion. Mon-El acidentally goes to 31st Century in a wormhole, where he eventually founded the Legion of Super-Heroes.


Original timeline

When Brainiac-5 was seven, his mother Brainiac 4 took him to see snow for the first time. He loved it and didn't want to leave, so she bottled the planet, to her husband's horror, so he placed three personality inhibitors on their son.[1]

Legion of Super-Heroes Arrow Earth-38 0001

The Legion of Super-Heroes

While traveling in space, a wormhole opened up right in front of Mon-El's ship, which he cannot avoid entering. The wormhole was actually a "disturbance" which propelled him forward in time. He arrived in the 31st century Earth, where was administered a cure to his allergy to lead which was developed by L-Corp 400 years after he had left. As he tried to find some way to return to the 21st Century, he met the Titanian Imra Ardeen, the Coluan Brainiac-5 and other aliens, eventually creating the Legion of Super-Heroes, a inter-galactic team of super-powered individuals aimed at uniting the fractious worlds fighting one another. Mon-El used Supergirl's life of compassion, strength and sense of justice as inspiration to form the Legion. Probably Superman became a member of the Legion at some point, since he has a legion ring in his Fortress of Solitude. Mon-El eventually married Imra as a symbol of peace when her planet, Titan, was against Earth and their allies.[2][3][4]

At some point, Earth experienced a third-degree extinction phenomenon. Humanity came together, but Earth suffered catastrophic destruction. It wasn't just loss of life, but its history, culture, art, music. Mon-El taught the Legion everything they know about Aristotle, Shakespeare, Bon Jovi. A draft of Winn Schott for one of his works became the foundation of some of the future's most groundbreaking technology. It has saved countless lives, and the draft became an artifact, treasured centuries from now.[5][6]

Pestilence Arrow Earth-38 0001

The Pestilence aka Blight

The Legion battled against Ik'Lofrai'iork, the Emerald Bloodeater and many alien hybrids that were created from labs. When General Zod was resurrected, the Legion faced him and he was eventually defeated when they used Kryptonite against him. At some point, the Worldkiller Pestilence, now known as the Blight, used her powers to spread her decay across the universe. The Legionnaire Chameleon was the first to be stricken by the Blight, and six other members soon followed. Blight destroyed the planet Winath and its inhabitants, and killed Brainiac and Preya Ardeen, Imra's sister.[7][6][8][9][5][10]

Trying to stop the Blight from destroying the worlds, the Legion traveled back in time to stop it, but accidentally entered a wormhole and traveled 12,000 years into the past, where they became trapped under the seas of National City. They decided to put themselves into cryo-sleep until they re-awoke in the 31st century, but awoke earlier in the 21st Century, when a torpedo hit their ship in 2017. They were eventually found by Supergirl, J'onn J'onzz and Winn Schott. After helping the Superfriends to defeat the Worldkillers, the Legion went back to the 31st century from the 21st century.[11][4][12][6]

New timeline

Due to Pestilence's death, Brainiac survived and created a plague to kill all A.I.s other than himself, making it impossible for Brainiac-5 return to the future. So Mon-El invited Winn Schott to join the Legion to deal with this, while Brainy remained in the present working with the D.E.O.[6]

According to Brainy, before every Legion member puts on his vestments, he must have a call sign, and Winn's was "Computer Lad", and he hated that. Later, Winn became a friend of Nura Nal, who taught him how to interpret dreams. As the only human Legionnaire, when Winn got his Legion ring, they had to soup it up with some powers, like dream energy. So he and Nura fashioned the ring's abilities after her powers.[13][14]

Ayla Ranzz Arrow Earth-38 0001

Ayla Ranzz and her daughter Mary Schott

At some point, Winn met the Legionnaire Ayla Ranzz aka Lightning Lass. They eventually got married and had a daughter; Mary Schott. Two years later, when Winn had just put Mary to bed, someone started knocking on the door of their house; the Time Police, who accused him of killing Chester Dunholtz in the past and wanted to arrest him. They enter the house and Ayla starts to argue with them, defending Winn. He said he didn't, but they had his DNA as proof, so Winn ran off with the Legion Cruiser to 2020 and found out that it was his doppelganger that was trying to kill Dunholtz. Winn stopped him, but the doppelganger still began to wreak havoc in National City. He tried to kill Andrea Rojas at National City University, but he was stopped by Winn, Supergirl, and her team. The doppelganger then blew himself up and lowered his consciousness into the virtual world, where he attacked the D.E.O. but it was definitely destroyed by Winn and the original Toyman. After saving his future, Winn decided to return to the 31st century with a new codename, Toyman.[13][14]

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At some point, Lex Luthor traveled to the future and fell in love Nyxlygsptlnz's future counterpart. Lex and Nxyly assembled the AllStone Totems and conquered the universe: however, the Legion of Super-Heroes fought back and murdered Nyxly, forcing Lex to return to the past. Lex managed to save Nxyly's consciousness as an A.I.[15][16]

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  • In the universe of Earth-1, XS has referred to a hero named Lightning Lad, and Gideon said that she was the fifth recruit of "The Legion of" before Barry Allen cut her off.[18]

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