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"Loomworld" was the reality created by the Greek Goddesses Fates after they managed to reassamble the Loom of Fate and used it to rewrite the Earth-Prime reality to establish a regime where free will doesn't exist anymore.


Creation of a new reality

After the Greek Goddesses Atropos and Lachesis succeeded in killing Behrad Tarazi[1] and eliminating the other Legends, who were temporarily immortal because of Dionysus's Chalice[2], after a zombie apocaypse in England[3], they took over their timeship, so her younger sister Clotho made a deal with them to save their friends in return for letting them reshap the reality as they wish. So, the now-reunited Fates assembled once again their Loom and altered Earth-Prime history, creating a reign without free will.

Choices are removed from existence so that the Fates decided once again the destiny of every people on the universe; similarly, every person who could cause resistance or rebellion against the regime were erased from history. The memories of Earth-Prime lives were also erased but people retained their basic instincts like Mona still being a writer.

Clotho obtained the saving of his dead friends who were "imprisoned" in a fake TV reality, each one of them living in a different show, arranged by the Clotho Production to satifisy their wishes. Sara and Ava were together in charge of a space crew while Rory was once again a villain; Constantine lived with Astra and her mother; Behrad was alive once more and lived with Nate and her sister Zari.[4]

Return of the Legends

The alteration of the fabric of reality, made by the Loom of Fate, also caused a tear in space that released the Pre-Heyworld counterpart of Zari, Zari Tomaz, from the Ancestral Plane.

The fake reality started to crumble because of the Legends' freedom instinct that led each one of them to rebel against the programmation of Clotho Production, crossovering between their various shows. This reality's Mona Wu and Gary who worked for the company became aware of the changes and told Clotho what happened so she explained the truth about the Pre-Loomworld reality and the deal she made with her sisters to ensure her friends' safety.

When the Legends came to the conclusion of living in a fake existence, they started to find away of escaping and rebelling against the regime: Clotho tried to stop them before her sister could also notice a free will problem in their reign but it was too late as the Legends were already out, looking for their enemies.[4]

The Legends splitted in two group: one had to find the Waverider and the other to find the Loom of Fate. Mona and Gary helped Zari Tomaz find the ship in dump and managed to manually get it started, while the others faced Atropos and Lachesis: while the latter was distracted from fighting Cosntantine and Astra, Sara and the Tarazis fought Atropos, combining their superpowers and ultimately killing the goddess by meddling with her life string in the Loom of Fate that exploded.

The heroes (except Mick Rory) were forced to time jump to four months later, discovering that Lachesis continued her reign after transforming Gideon into the new Loom of Fate and forcing the use of Fatewatch, a device that could manipulate people's life by suggesting their actions. She also ordered the construction of a museum where every enemy of the regime was shown, including the Legends.

During the final battle between the Legends and a last bunch of Encores, resurrected from Hell by the Greek goddess, Clotho arrived to help their friends with hell weapons and, instead of killing her sister, she forgave her and made her give up with her doomed plans as she was also rendered mortal by the Loom's destruction. Using her skills, Zari Tarazi disconnected Gideon as the Loom, erasing the altered reality and restoring the Earth-Prime history.



  • This reality is a side-effect of the creation of Earth-Prime as, in the Pre-Crisis Multiverse, the pieces of the Loom of Fate were scattered across various realities.[5]
  • In this reality, the Fates probably erased the existence of every heroes on Earth as they could have been a source of rebellion.
  • The Loomworld is similar to the Legion of Doom's altered reality as they both were made using an ancient, reality-warping artifact.

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