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This is a possible future of Earth-1 where the Crisis happened in 2024 and Barry Allen aka The Flash vanished fighting the Reverse Flash. A few years before his disappearance, he had a daughter with Iris West who was named Nora after his mother.



This timeline followed the same continuity of Post-Flashpoint Earth-1 until the night of the Enlightenment.[1]

Instead of being helped, the Flash of this timeline single-handedly defeated the over-powered Thinker but the Enlightenment caused the creation of various meta-humans, including David Hersch who was hit by a Lightning dagger which nullified dark matter-originated powers.

Some time later, calling himself Cicada, Hersch began a meta-human killing spree, starting with Floyd Belkin. In the course of years, various superheroes tried to capture him, including Green Arrow, the Legends and The League, but he was never caught.[2] Eventually, he became known as "the one that got away".[3]

At some point before 2024, Barry and Iris had a daughter, Nora who inherited the same powers of his father. S.T.A.R. Labs was converted into the museum to honor the Flash's deeds.

The Original Crisis

In 2024, the Crisis finally happened: the Flash, Green Arrow, Batwoman, Elongated Man, Laurel Lance[4] and other legendary heroes faced the Reverse Flash and his army of Shadow Demons while the skies turned red in all of the reality. In the end, the Flash and Reverse Flash vanished in a flash of light and Oliver Queen died in battle.[4]

Hurt by Barry's loss and afraid of the possibility of her following his father's superhero career, Iris implanted a power-dampening chip into Nora's neck in order to depower her so she was unaware of her abilities for most of her life.

In the following years, a metahuman called Red Death became a serial killer in Central City. At some point, Cicada also resurfaced, continuing his killing spree with a count of 152 known murdered metahumans but he somehow lost his weapon.

In 2034, the Reverse Flash came to his timeline but was defeated and imprisoned in Iron Heights, his powers blocked by Cicada's dagger.

At some point in time, Nora graduated at Central City University and joined CCPD as a forensic scientist like his father, working with her friend Lia Nelson.

The Rise of XS

In 2049, during a crime investigation, Nora found Speed Force traces that lead her to the Flash Museum where she was ambushed by the evil speedster Godspeed and sent to the hospital. There, the doctors extracted her power-dampening chip so she found her legacy as a speedster; trying to solve her investigation, she questioned Thawne who gave her some advice but her exuberance only led to Lia's death by Godspeed who was searching for Velocity 9.

Inspired by Trajectory's death, she understood that Godspeed was dying so he needed a way to stabilize his powers. Asking again Reverse Flash's help, she managed to defeat and arrest Godspeed; then, advised by Thawne, she went to the Time Vault where Gideon made her discover her legacy as the Flash's daughter and his last message before disappearing in Crisis.

This discovery angered Nora even more against her mother as she blaming her for lying to her for most of her life about his father and her abilities. Estranging from her mother, Nora started to trust his father's arch-enemy who teached her how to time travel and the time language[4] and became a superheroine called XS.[5]

Nora time traveled to her father's early years as a superhero, helping him in defeating DeVoe.[1] This caused some changes in reality as David Hersch was replaced by Orlin Dwyer as Cicada[2] and, after his disappearance, a new female Cicada appeared and travelled back on Earth-1.[6]

All of this events were discovered to be part of Thawne's plan to free himself from his prison and escape death. When Cicada's dagger was sent to the Mirrorverse and its power nullified, Thawne freed himself and ran on Earth-1, knowing that the reality was to be erased along with Cicada II and Nora.[7]


After the Spectre and the Paragons rebooted of the Multiverse,[8] this timeline was restored to the existence along with every other reality and possible future. However, in the new continuity, Barry Allen managed to survive and live an happy life with his family; he and Iris eventually had a son, Bart.[9]

Godspeed was shown to still exist in the Post-Crisis version of this timeline and assembled an army of impostors to run back in time and steal the Prime Barry's speed.

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  • August Heart/Godspeed
  • Barry Allen/The Flash (Deceased)
  • Batwoman
  • Byte
  • Bug
  • Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker (Presumably deceased)
  • David Hersch/Cicada
  • Elongated Man
  • Iris West
  • Laurel Lance
  • Floyd Belkin (Deceased)
  • Lia Nelson (Deceased)
  • Nora West-Allen/XS
  • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Deceased)
  • Red Death
  • The League
  • The Legends
  • Trevor Shinick
  • Grace Gibbons/Cicada II (Altered timeline)
  • Orlin Dwyer/Cicada (Altered timeline)



  • It can be affirmed that this was not the original future of Earth-1 as in the original timeline, Barry and Iris had a daughter named Dawn according to Eobard Thawne.
  • The destruction of this reality severely impacted the Multiverse' fate as it shifted the Crisis' beginning from 2024 to 2019 and changed some important events like Barry Allen's disappearance and the presence of the Reverse Flash.
  • An iteration of this reality also existed (and was presumably erased) after the rebirth of the Multiverse.[10]
    • It was eventually revealed in P.O.W. that this timeline still exists and it was ultimately altered by the Crisis.
  • The Godspeed imposters of Earth-Prime mentioned that the real Godspeed was still out there. It is unknown that, after the erasing of this reality and the rebirth of the Multiverse, August Heart is still the real version of Godspeed.
    • It was ultimately revealed that August Heart is still Godspeed.
  • Nora mentions a superhero team called "The League" as existing after the original Crisis in this reality. It is a clearly reference to the Justice League from the comics.
    • An unnamed team was also created on Earth-Prime. It can be presumed that a league of heroes was always supposed to be created in the aftermath of the Crisis.

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