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This is a reality in the Post-Crisis Multiverse where Superman is the world's only superhero.


The Adventures of Superman

Roughly thirty-five years ago, the planet Krypton exploded. Scientists Jor-El and Lara launched their newborn son Kal-El to Earth in order to save him. Lara also launched the Eradicator, a device containing the stored memories and personalities of all Krypton's people, into space in the hopes of preserving their culture.

Superman & Lois TV Series Episode What Lies Beneath 001

The Kent Family

Lara's former husband Zeta-Rho also sent their son Tal-Rho to Earth in a rocket of his own, along with instructions to find the Eradicator and use it to transform the people of Earth into Kryptonians. The brothers arrived on Earth, where Kal-El was found and adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent, while Tal-Rho was captured by the British government who tortured and experimented on him for years. Tal-Rho eventually managed to escape his prison and hid among humans, assuming the name "Morgan Edge". As Morgan Edge he became a wealthy businessman, and eventually found the Eradicator.

When he grew up Kal-El, named Clark Kent by his adopted parents, revealed himself to the world as the hero Superman. He was Earth's only superpowered hero, although some non-powered vigilantes such as Green Arrow were also active at this time. As Clark Kent he worked as a reporter for the Daily Planet in Metropolis, where he met and fell in love with Lois Lane. They eventually married and had twin sons: Jonathan and Jordan. They chose to keep Clark's identity as Superman a secret from the twins.

Superman fought many villains over his career as a hero, but his greatest enemy was Lex Luthor. Seventeen years ago, Boss Moxie, the leader of Intergang, was killed and Luthor was heard on a monitored phone line confessing to the murder. In reality Moxie had been murdered by his lieutenant Peia and she and her boyfriend Bruno Mannheim framed Luthor for the crime. Luthor was imprisoned for Moxie's murder and the Mannheim's took over Intergang.

Five years ago, Lois's sister Lucy Lane became involved with a group known as the "Inverse Society", led by a self-help author named Ally Allston. Ally taught that there was a shadow world where everyone had a doppleganger, and that people could only become "complete" by getting in touch with their inverse selves. Lois believed that the Inverse Society was a cult, particularly after Lucy almost overdosed on drugs while trying to see the Inverse World. Lois published an expose on the Society and Lucy cut off all contact with her.

The Eradicator

After Martha Kent died, the Kents returned to Smallville for her funeral. At the reception, Jon and Jordan walked away from a serious accident unscathed and, while their parents were in town the next day, discovered the rocket that had brought Clark to Earth in the basement of the farmhouse. Lois and Clark revealed Clark's secret to the twins and told them that they believed Jon had inherited Clark's powers. However, at a party that evening Jordan spontaneously developed heat vision while they were being attacked by local boys, revealing that he was the one with powers. Lois and Clark decided to move to Smallville to allow Jordan to develop his powers.

"Morgan Edge" purchased and reopened the disused Shuster Mines in Smallville. His plans to convert humans into Kryptonians required vast quantities of a rare form of Kryptonite known as X-Kryptonite; as well as a population who had been exposed to microscopic amounts of the mineral over years, as otherwise the transformation would be unstable and ultimately fatal. The mines contained the largest deposit of X-K on Earth, and the people of Smallville were the only population fully receptive to the process.

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The Eradicator

Meanwhile John Henry Irons, a refugee from an alternate Earth where Superman had joined Tal-Rho and the brothers had conquered the world with their Kryptonian army, arrived in Superman's reality and began hounding him, convinced he would also turn on humanity as his counterpart had. John Henry came close to killing Superman but was foiled by Jon and Jordan. He was arrested by the Department of Defence, but they were able to convince him that Superman was not the monster that his world's Superman had been. John Henry also revealed that on his world he had been married to Lois, and they had had a daughter named Natalie.

Tal-Rho was able to convert a significant number of Smallville's citizens into Kryptonians, giving them powers with the X-Kryptonite and implanting the minds of deceased Kryptonians into their bodies with the Eradicator. He revealed his true identity to Superman and asked his brother to join him, but Superman refused. Tal-Rho gathered his army and attempted to launch an attack on Earth. Superman foiled his original plan by using a modified Eradicator to reverse the process on the townspeople. Tal-Rho then kidnapped the weakened Superman and, after learning his secret identity, forced Kal-El to join him by threatening his family, then forcibly implanted the mind of General Zod into his body. However, John Henry saved Superman and the two teamed up to defeat Tal-Rho.

In a last-ditch effort, Tal-Rho absorbed the Eradicator into himself, gaining its powers. He flew to the mines and attempted to use the X-Kryptonite to convert the entire town, but he was once again defeated by Superman and Irons. Tal-Rho was imprisoned in a military black site. As John Henry was bidding farewell to the Kents, a pod crash-landed on the farm and Natalie emerged. After first attempting to make a new life in Metropolis, John Henry and Natalie settled in Smallville, where Natalie eventually befriended the Kent twins.

The Inverse Society

Sam Lane, Lois's father and Superman's contact at the DoD, retired and was replaced by General Mitchell Anderson. Anderson asked for Superman's complete loyalty to the United States Government; and when he refused, cut off all contact between the DoD and Superman, replacing him with a team of young Metahumans known as the Supermen of America.

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Ally merging the worlds

After five years in hiding, Ally Allston re-emerged, claiming that Lois's article was inaccurate and biased. Meanwhile, a freakish alternate version of Superman known as Bizarro emerged from beneath the Shuster Mines, fought off Superman and John Henry, and then disappeared. The military were able to track Bizarro from the unique energy signature of the pendant he wore, but rather than inform Superman Anderson instead sent the Supermen of America, who Bizarro easily defeated, killing two of them.

Superman eventually captured Bizarro when he tried to murder Ally Allston and took him to Tal-Rho's abandoned Fortress in the Badlands. Bizarro told Superman that he was from the Inverse World Ally spoke of, and that on his world Ally had taken over the world. The two Allys were in communication and planned to fuse the worlds together using his pendant and its counterpart owned by the Ally of Superman's world. Bizarro had lost the pendant during his fight with the Supermen and the surviving member had taken it to Anderson, and so Superman asked Anderson to give it to him for safe keeping. Anderson, who had become increasingly paranoid and believed that Superman and Bizarro were plotting against America, refused and had Superman imprisoned with Tal-Rho.

The brothers staged a fight and escaped to the Fortress. Anderson dosed himself with multiple vials of aerosolised X-Kryptonite to give himself superpowers and followed them, armed with Green Kryptonite weapons. He attacked them with a Kryptonite gas that left them helpless, but the hologram of Lara who controlled the Fortress freed Bizarro to fight Anderson, as Kryptonite only made him stronger. Anderon eventually realised that X-Kryptonite was Bizarro's weakness and hit him with multiple vials, weakening him to the point that he could snap his neck and kill him. Anderson deserted from the military and took the pendant to join Ally, reasoning that she must be good if Superman, who Anderson was convinced was evil, was opposed to her.

Anderson, Ally and several members of the Inverse Society tried to cross through the rift to the Inverse World that Bizarro had left, but the people who attempted to go through were disintegrated. Anderson stole both pendants and jumped through the portal, protected either by them of his X-Kryptonite derived invulnerability. Superman saved Ally from being destroyed by the portal and she was imprisoned by the DoD, but she was quickly freed by a member of the Society and successfully crossed through the portal wearing the containment suit that Bizarro used to cross through. Superman followed her and they were both gone for a month.

On the Inverse World, the Allys managed to unite and combine the two pendants into the "Oblivion Stone", which had the power to combine any person with their inverse. They merged into a being of godlike power and sent Jonathan's counterpart Jon-El to merge with him. Superman chased Jon-El through the portal and saved Jonathan, but Jon-El got away. The next day Jon-El managed to incapacitate Superman with a Kryptonite bomb and returned to try and merge with Jonathan again, but Jordan defeated him in a hard-fought battle. Superman and Tal-Rho were able to destroy the Oblivion Stone that Ally would need to merge the worlds and so she drained Superman's powers to gain the energy she would need to do it herself. Ally began to merge the worlds together but Superman had Tal-Rho carry him into space and throw him through the sun to restore his powers. With his powers greatly enhanced by the sun's energy, Superman defeated Ally and split her back into two people, then undid the merge.


Intergang Arrowverse Superman & Lois 003

The Intergang

Peia Mannheim developed an aggressive form of cancer and Bruno, who was now her husband and the leader of Intergang, became obsessed with finding a cure. Intergang used X-Kryptonite purchased from Smallville's crooked mayor George Dean, and samples of Superman's blood stolen from the DoD, to develop a serum which treated cancer while also granting people superpowers. Mannheim coerced a judge into releasing terminally ill prisoners who Mannheim's scientists would use as test subjects. One of these subjects, James Distefano, gained the ability to walk through walls and was sent into the DoD to steal the locations of all their secret facilities. Superman captured him but Distefano was able to broadcast the locations of all the DoD's black sites back to Mannheim, including the facility where Bizarro's body was kept.

Meanwhile Jordan's powers continued to mature until he developed almost the full suite of Kryptonian powers. He trained with his father but was frustrated that Clark refused to let him into the field long after he felt like he was ready. He eventually proved himself by helping to save Clark from Peia. Jordan saved people from natural disasters and accidents, taking care not to be seen, but secretly craved recognition and praise for his heroics. He was eventually forbidden from using his powers after drinking at a party and letting himself be seen when he saved two other kids from a car crash; but defied his parents' instructions when he helped Clark stop a tornado that was headed for the town, despite Clark telling him to leave. When they stopped the tornado, Jordan landed in front of a crowd of people rather than flying away. Although his identity was concealed by a hood and goggles he revealed that there was a Superboy to the world, much to his parent's anger.

Mannheim's scientists experimented on Bizarro's body to refine their serum. They eventually restored Bizarro to life, although they kept him heavily sedated. The serum seemingly cured Peia's cancer, but it in fact enhanced her sonic powers beyond her ability to control. She destroyed the laboratory where the serum was created and fled into the streets of Metropolis. Superman carried her into the upper atmosphere, where she released a final massive sonic blast and died.

Luthor Returns

Bruno Mannheim was arrested and confessed to all his crimes, including framing Luthor for Moxie's murder. Luthor was released from prison and went to Mannheim's lab where he found Bizarro, alive but reduced to a feral state. Luthor discovered that, as a result of the experiments conducted on him, Bizarro had the power to return from death stronger than before. He spent a month killing Bizarro in as many ways as possible, until he mutated into a mindless, hulking monster far stronger than Superman. Luthor sent Bizarro to attack Superman, and Bizarro easily overpowered his counterpart with his brute strength. Bizarro flew into space with the unconscious Superman, but Clark rallied and fought Bizarro in space. They crashed on the moon and charged at each other.

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  • Metahumans are exceedingly rare which implies that the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion did not occur on this world.
  • Despite Superman being referred to as the world's only superhero, it has been implied that, before dying in unknown circumstances, the Oliver Queen of this Earth was also Green Arrow, like on other realities.


  • On Earth-Prime, Superman also a second son[1] but it has never been revealed if he's named Jordan like on this universe.

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