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This future reality is an alternate future of Earth-1 where Iris West is killed by Savitar as it was predicted.


During their final battle, the Barry Allen of this timeline failed to save his Iris from Savitar.

After Iris' death, Vibe battled Killer Frost but the villain gained the upper hand so she froze and shattered Cisco's arms. This deprived Cisco of his powers, causing him to wear a mechanical prohestetic. Some time later, the villains was caught and incarcerated in Iron Heights.

Wally West went after Savitar who won and broke his spine; the battle left Wally paraplegic and shocked him for seven years.

Barry Allen confronted Savitar one last time and defeated the evil speedster once and for all, imprisoning him in the Speed Force using a Speed Force bazooka created by the scientist Tracy Brand. The pain from Iris' loss led him to give up the Flash identity, disband Team Flash and retired in a shut-down S.T.A.R. Labs.

Due to the retirement of the Flash, a group of villains, including Mirror Master and the Top, rose to control Central City.

In 2024, the main timeline Barry Allen went forward in time to find a way to save Iris, but was confronted by Mirror Master and Top and forced to retreat. He went to meet his future counterpart discovering how much Iris' death broke him and the other members of the Team. Inspiring him to return back to the Flash identity and reform Team Flash with Cisco and the others' help, the Flashes defeated the two villains and regained control of this universe's Central City.[1]


  • Team Flash
    • The Flash (Barry Allen)
    • Kid Flash (Wally West)
    • Vibe (Cisco Ramon)
    • Joe West
    • Iris West (Deceased)
    • Julian Albert
    • H.R. Wells
  • Killer Frost
  • Mirror Master
  • The Top
  • Tracy Brand


  • This is the original future of the Post-Flashpoint timeline of Earth-1 in which Iris is killed by Savitar.
    • This future never came to be as H.R. Wells sacrificed himself to save Iris from Savitar.[2]
  • Due to the complicated origin of Savitar, it is unknown if this universe's Savitar is the main timeline's version or a doppleganger.
  • Earlier on Earth-1's timeline, Cisco Ramon vibed the battle between his counterpart and Killer Frost and his eventually loss of both arms.[3]

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