Arrowverse is a fan-originated term which refers to the television franchise created by the CW that is based on characters that appear in publications by DC Comics. The shared multiverse started with Arrow (2012), but later retroactively included the 1990 series The Flash; and was eventually expanded/revealed to include worlds which were home to not only the DCEU and related modern film franchises, but virtually every licensed live-action adaptation of DC intellectual property when Arrow and its spin-offs staged a 5-hour televised adaptation of the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline.



It is a multiverse of its own (with at least 1938 Earths), in which parallel worlds inhabitated by Supergirl and The Flash.

  • Earth-1: the Universe where the shows Arrow, The Flash, Vixen, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and (retroactively) Constantine exist.
    • After Crisis on Infinite Earths, it is reborn as Earth-Prime, a fusion of the original Earth-1, Earth-38 and Black Lightning's Earth
  • Earth-2: A Universe similar to the Pre-Crisis Earth-Three, as well as 52's Earth-3 and the Orrery of Worlds Earth 3, where many of the Heroes of Earth-1 are Villains, and many of the Villains are Heroes.
  • Earth-3: the home universe of Jay Garrick.
  • Earth-9: a universe similar or identical to Titans (TV Series).
  • Earth-12: The home universe of Harrison Wolfgang Wells.
    • After Crisis on Infinite Earths, it is also shown to be home to something similar to Green Lantern (Movie)
  • Earth-13: The home universe of Wells the Grey and other magic-based characters.
  • Earth-15: A dead universe, now filled with radiations from Earth-1 Fallout.
  • Earth-16: Home to the alternate Star City 2046, which the Legends previously visited. The known difference in this universe is Sara Lance did not survive the shipwreck, leading to a different chain of events for her Quentin, Laurel and Nyssa.
  • Earth-17: One of the Universes whose Harrison Wells was able to crack the cryptogram sent by Harry to find his replacement for Team Flash. Inhabitants of this Earth seem to speak using archaic terms.
  • Earth-18: An earth currently in the old west era, with its own Jonah Hex; also home to the last working Lazarus Pit in the multiverse.
  • Earth-19: the home Universe of Gypsy and H.R. Wells. On this Earth travelling to other Earths is illegal due to an interdimentional invasion by Plastoids and the near destruction of this Earth by another unknown Earth.
  • Earth-21: a universe similar or identical to Doom Patrol (TV Series).
  • Earth-22: the home Universe of Wells 2.0. This Earth is a Post-Apocalyptic Landscape where Humans had to become one with Machines in order to survive.
  • Earth-24: the home universe of Sonny Wells from the Council of Harrisons. According to Cisco, Earth-24 is still on VHS, putting them nearly two decades behind the home video present on Earth-1.
  • Earth-25: the home universe of H.P. Wells from the Council of Harrisons.
  • Earth-27: the home universe of the speedster Eddie Thawne/Johnny Quick and other Earth-1 heroes counterparts (except the dead Barry Allen), who fight against the Crime Syndicate of America.
  • Earth-35: An unknown universe, visited by Earth-1 Cisco Ramon, which seems to be inhabitated by unicorns.
  • Earth-37: An unknown universe, home to a schoolteacher friend of Earth-1 Cisco Ramon.
  • Earth-38: the Universe where the show Supergirl and all of its continuity exists.
    • After Crisis on Infinite Earths, the continuity of Supergirl was moved to Earth-Prime, causing a different reality to take the original Earth-38's place.
  • Earth-47: the home universe of H. Lothario Wells. There's a dragon farm in this universe as well.
  • Earth-48: the home universe of mad bounty-hunter who is killed by Breacher.
  • Earth-51: Home to Thaddeus Brown, a master escape artist who taught Sherloque Wells.
  • Earth-66: a universe similar or identical to the universe where the 1966 Batman series takes place.
  • Earth-76: a universe similar or identical to the universe where the 1976 Wonder Woman series takes place.[1]
  • Earth-89: a universe similar or identical to the Burtonverse.
  • Earth-90: the universe where the 1990 Flash series takes place.
  • Earth-96: a universe similar or identical to Superman Returns and loosely Kingdom Come. Home to the Clark Kent/Superman, who is a doppelganger of Ray Palmer/The Atom.
  • Earth-99: A universe where Bruce Wayne has become a bitter, old and deluded former crime fighter, who took a brutal approach to fighting crime. The Superman of this Earth fell to Batman's hands, but not before damaging him enough to need the use of an exosuit for the rest of his life.
  • Earth-167: A universe similar or identical to Smallville (TV Series). In this universe, Clark Kent has given up his powers and life as a reporter to live on the Kent Farm with his wife Lois Lane and their daughters.
  • Earth-203: A universe similiar or identical to Birds of Prey (TV Series).
  • Earth-221: The home universe of Harrison Sherloque Wells.
  • Earth-666: A universe similiar or identical to Lucifer (TV Series). John Constantine has visited this Earth before the Crisis.
  • Earth-D: a universe similar or identical to the Earth-D.[1]
  • Earth-F: a universe similar or identical to the universe where the 1941 Superman series takes place.[1]
  • Earth-N52: a universe similar or identical to the Prime Earth.[1]
  • Earth-X: the universe where the show Freedom Fighters: The Ray and all of its continuity exists. Taking inspiration from the Pre-Crisis Earth-X, as well as 52's Earth-10 and Orrery of Worlds Earth 10, on this Earth the Nazis won World War II.
  • Unnamed universe: The universe was where Black Lightning originally took place. It has since been merged into Earth-Prime.


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