Very little has been revealed regarding the background of the first villain to call himself Arsenal, including his real name.

What is known is that he was a midget, and it has been conjectured that resentment over his small stature…and the lack of respect and dignity he was shown as he matured to adulthood… combined with an acquired antisocial personality, prompted him to turn to a life of crime. At some point, he showed a keen inventive mind by creating a robotic body for himself to inhabit, and equipping this robot with a wide variety of deadly weapons. Dubbing himself Arsenal, he hired himself out as an assassin.

He first came to public attention when the unscrupulous Nicholas Galtry hired him to slay Garfield Logan, the teen hero known as Beast Boy, a frequent ally of the Doom Patrol. Galtry was the teen's legal guardian and had been embezzling Logan's inherited fortune for some time, even as he horribly mistreated the youth.

In the end, Arsenal I was defeated by the members of the Doom Patrol and arrested.[1] His armored suit was taken into custody, but later stolen by Galtry, who used it himself for another try at Logan.[2] The original Arsenal remains in prison at this writing.


Robotic shell


Multitude of firearms and bladed weapons



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