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Artemis was an Amazon, the first Wonder Woman, three thousand years ago.

She was the best friend of Hippolyta, and a close second in the competition which decided who would be the next queen. Shortly after Hippolyta's investiture, Aphrodite and Athena appeared, and had an important task: one Amazon would have to venture into the outside world, as an ambassador for compassion and love. Artemis was chosen as she had come second in the contest, but she was hardly the perfect ambassador. Still filled with hatred of losing, she left the island, and abandoned her mission.[1] On one of her first missions, she met the warrior Cleon, with whom she fell in love. Egged on by Ares, they conquered much of Greece, though she made sure to spare Paradise Island. Ares manipulated Creon into following her on a trip back to the island, and confronted with the army, Artemis decided to turn on Hippolyta. The Queen uncovered Ares's treachery, and Artemis in shame forsook both Creon and the Amazons. She travelled back to Man's World, where she was eventually slain when she challenged Athena herself.[2]

Eventually, her tomb was discovered by Nikos Aegeus.[3] Circe magically revived her with a mystic sword, and set her loose on the Amazons. After Wonder Woman disarmed her and made sure the sword was well out of the way. Artemis's bones crumbled to dust.[1]





  • Sword and Shield



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