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Artemis was a deadly warrior of the Coda Sisterhood.

Artemis was recruited into the Coda, in ancient Greece, by Zealot herself. She was very close to the Kherubim and received her Coda training by Zealot. Again, it's directly with Zealot that she made her Blood Bond Ceremony, the one that would tie her to the Order forever. Along with her was Andromache, who would become Coda's Majestrix after Zealot stepped aside from the head of the Order. Not only did the Blood Bond give them near immortality, but it also linked the three of them. From now on, there was more than simple teamwork between them, there was also a powerful relation on the edge of enthralling love.

Years later, Artemis, along with Zealot were inside the Trojan Horse for the final battle of the Trojan War. Hired by the Greeks, the Coda was tasked with killing every member of the Trojan Royal family. When Zealot and Artemis, who fought many battles side by side, further strengthening their bond, found the Trojan nobles, Zealot refused to kill them. Understanding that she was crossing one of the first precept of the Coda - accomplish the given mission at all cost - Artemis confronted Zealot. Though the Kherubim tried to convince her that they had nothing to do with Helen's behavior, nor the defense of the city, she would still refuse to let it go. They fought, and Zealot was victorious. Artemis asked her to end her shame and kill her on the spot, but the Bond between them was too strong. She let Artemis live that day, making her the greatest insult a Coda would ever endure: to fail and live through it. This episode marked the betrayal of Zealot, her death sentence pronounced by Andromache and the beginning of her hunt by the Coda. The shame also turned Artemis' love to unstoppable hatred.

When Artemis managed to find Zealot's trail again, it was the 1990's and she was working for Hightower, a Cabal leader. But she was more on her personal crusade than on a contract. They made the deal of helping each other to capture the WildC.A.T.s. Hightower wanted to kill them all, and Artemis wanted to defeat Zealot in a final death match. They captured Grifter by double dealing his informant, Lonely. Torturing him, they attracted Zealot into their trap. They started to fight. When the rest of the team arrived to the rescue, and were captured by Hightower, Zealot managed to add the freedom of her teammates to the stake of the death match; Artemis agreed. Zealot defeated her again, but Hightower refused to follow Artemis' agreement. However, Artemis had further goals: she wanted to overthrow Andromache and become the head of the Coda. If she had managed to vanquish Zealot, she would have used her head as a rallying trophy, if not, she would have been dead. But Andromache knew this all along, thanks to Delphae, and she went with a phalanx of her finest to kill Artemis. In the resulting battle, Artemis and Zealot fought together again, to repel the Coda's fighters. In the end, Artemis took a fatal blow aimed at Zealot (a violation of the Coda's precepts). The involvement of Zealot in a fight that wasn't hers (Andromache was here for Artemis, not Zealot) made her understand that the Bond was still vivid in both of them. Meanwhile, the WildCATs managed to free themselves of Hightower's grip. The battle ended when Grifter put his gun to Andromache's head ordering her to withdraw or die. She withdrew.


Immortality: As her fellow Coda sisters, she endured the Blood Bond Ceremony, where they receive Kherubim blood, granting them near immortality.


Accelerated Healing

Decelerated Aging

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)


Weaponry: Artemis is one of the best Coda warriors. She mastered all the skills required to be a perfect spy and assassin.