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Artemis Crock is the daughter of two villains, but a hero herself. She was a member of the Team, first as Artemis and then as Tigress.


Artemis Crock

Daughter to the villains Sportsmaster and Huntress, Artemis Crock and her sister Jade were trained from a young age to take over their father's position. Some time in her childhood, her sister ran away from home, seeking a better life. Her father divorced her mother, leaving Artemis and her mother alone. After the departure of Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy, Artemis later took over the part, Green Arrow and Batman creating a story about her being Green Arrow's niece in order to hide her criminal parentage.

Mysterious Help

While combating the robotic villain Amazo at Gotham Academy, Robin, Superboy and Kid Flash were aided by a mysterious archer, who distracted the robot, and specifically save Kid Flash. Later, Robin accused the Justice League, and Green Arrow in particular of "babysitting" the group. However, Green Arrow showed that the shape of his arrowheads do not match the one Robin found, meaning a different archer was involved. The team assumed it to be Speedy. Later they realized it was Artemis.[1]

Joining the Team

As Artemis

Artemis was brought to the Cave by Green Arrow and Batman to be the sixth member of The Team. She did not make a good first impression on Kid Flash, who repeatedly asked who she was, and who subsequently blamed her for taking Red Arrow's position on the team (despite Red Arrow having already decided not to join). She intern belittled him saying "Whatever 'Baywatch'! I'm here to stay" referring to his red swim trunks. Her first mission as part of the team was protecting Serling Roquette from assassins sent by the League of Shadows, AKA Cheshire.

Whilst protecting Dr. Roquette, Artemis was attacked by Cheshire, who made an attempt to escape from her. Artemis gave chase and in the process, Cheshire's mask fell off. Artemis had the perfect opportunity to capture the assassin, but once she saw Cheshire's face and recognized her, Cheshire threatened to reveal Artemis' secret to her teammates, so Artemis let her escape. Wally then criticized her for her fail.


After returning to Gotham City later that night (teleporting into a phone box), Artemis noticed someone watching her from the shadows, and ordered the hidden figure to "come into the light". After stepping forward, the watcher was revealed to be Red Arrow, who said he knew Artemis was not Green Arrow's niece, and warned her not to hurt his friends.[2]

Friction between Artemis and Kid Flash increased during the team's next mission when they went to rescue Kent Nelson from Abra Kadabra and Klarion the Witch Boy. Frustrated with the way Kid Flash became careless in his pursuit of Miss Martian, she outed him as a non-believer of magic - a line he'd been using to hit on M'gann. Later in a moment of friendship, she asked him how he was handling the team's latest adventure, and immediately became frustrated again when Wally explained away the magic he had just witnessed. Unbeknownst to her, Nelson suggested that Wally pursue his 'own Spitfire'; advice he promptly disregarded.[3]

On August 27th, Artemis received a full Wayne Foundation scholarship to Gotham Academy, a very prestigious school in Gotham. She initially refused the offer, not wanting to leave behind her friends at Gotham North. Putting aside her own feelings, she agreed to go for her mother, to better her life—a chance her mother never had.[4]

On December 5th Artemis found out Red Arrow was joining the team. She then volunteered to go on a mission with him, Kid Flash and Kaldur, volunteering because the mission involved Sportsmaster, and Cheshire. Before they arrived in Orleans Parish, Wally told her not to worry, because they had room for two archers. Later during a fight with Cheshire, with her once again dangling her real identity over Artemis' head, not wanting anyone to find out, Artemis tagged a train with a tracking device, making the others follow it, while she followed Cheshire. However, Red Arrow didn't trust her, so followed Artemis to where she was talking with Cheshire. Though she did save Red Arrows' life from Sportsmaster, she was blamed for ruining the mission. Red Arrow told everyone she wanted to take Cheshire out solo, and because of that, they lost both subjects. Everyone was disappointed in her selfish move - including Wally. Not wanting to give her secret away, Artemis agreed that that's what happened. Later that night Sportsmaster was waiting for her in her room. He told her she would always be blamed for things, as long as she stayed with the team. She told her dad to leave, and he told her to think about his offer.

On December 30th, The team chase down Cheshire after receiving a report that she had boarded a plane with the same case that she had escaped with in New Orleans. When the team arrive at the site of the plane crash, Artemis tries to hide her worry. She is relieved when Cheshire shows herself at the start of the ambush. Artemis and Cheshire fight and Artemis is almost killed when Superboy's anger burst causes an avalanche. She is saved by Cheshire who comments that she really doesn't want her sister dead. After suspicion is raised about a mole again, Artemis, Superboy, and Miss Martian reveal their secrets to the team. Artemis' being that she comes from a family of villains. Huntress is her mother, Cheshire is her sister and Sportsmaster is her father. She was relieved when her team continued to give her their support, and Wally puts his arm around her, letting her know she's not alone. While the light tries to ground up her, Miss Martian, and Superboy's alliance, the team ambushes them and Artemis catches her father in a trap, She makes sure he knows where her allegiances lie, and kicks him in the face.

After defeating the mind-controlled Justice League with the rest of the team on New Years, Artemis and Kid Flash kiss for the first time at the stroke of midnight.

5 Years Later

As Tigress

Artemis retired as a hero and moved to Palo Alto with her boyfriend Wally West where they both attended Stanford University together. She rejoined the team temporarily to help on a mission to defend a satellite that would open communication to Mars. She was apparently stabbed by Kaldur, and died in Nightwing's arms. However the whole thing was staged from the start, and using a magical amulet given to her by Nightwing to change her appearance, now only Kaldur, Wally, and Dick knew she is really alive. She and Aqualad remained as undercover agents for the Light until their true mission was discovered, after which they aided the Team in stopping the Reach takeover of Earth. After their defeat and Wally's death, Artemis decided to operate under the mantle of Tigress for the foreseeable future, as she felt Artemis was "Wally's partner".

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Joining the New Team

After retiring again, Artemis moved in with her brother-in-law, Will Harper and niece in Star City. She would eventually be recruited by Nightwing for his mission to take down a metahuman trafficking ring in Markovia. She would play an active role in training the young heroes on Nightwing's new team, which consisted of Halo, Geo-Force, Forager, and Cyborg.

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  • Bow: Artemis' main weapon is a green compound bow. She also carries a green crossbow in case she runs out of arrows or her regular bow is lost/becomes unusable, as well as for defense while in civilian clothing.
  • Blow Pipe: As Tigress, Artemis made use of a blow pipe with special darts designed to induce catatonia for months.
  • Crossbow

  • Artemis is half-Caucasian and half-Vietnamese.
  • Was in a stable relationship with Wally West for over 5 years, until his death.


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