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Quote1 This is for my parents. You're not coming back this time, Mr. Mahkent. Quote2
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Artemis Crock is the daughter of the former supervillains Paula Brooks and Larry Crock. She is also a student of Blue Valley High School and a former member of the Injustice Unlimited, later becoming a vigilante in Blue Valley.

After her parents' arrest, Artemis joined Injustice Unlimited with Cindy Burman, Cameron Mahkent, and Isaac Bowin to seek revenge on America's new justice society. However, Artemis left the team after Eclipso killed Isaac and eventually tried to redeem herself by becoming a vigilante in Blue Valley. When her parents were killed by Jordan Mahkent, Artemis followed him to Copenhagen, Denmark, and burned him alive.



  • Impulsivity


  • Protective suit



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