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Quote1 My father was a lighthouse keeper. My mother was a queen. They were never meant to meet... but their love saved the world. They made me what I am. A son of the land, and a king of the seas. I am the protector of the deep. I am... Aquaman. Quote2
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Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman, is the gruff, heroic, and adventurous king of Atlantis and a founding member of the Justice League who protects the world from threats such as Steppenwolf, Ocean Master and Kordax.

Early Life

Kaan Guldur Mug

Young Arthur Curry.

Arthur Curry was born on Amnesty BayMaine, on January 29, 1986 to the human lighthousekeeper Thomas Curry, and the queen of Atlantis Atlanna. When Arthur was three years old, his home was attacked by royal guards from Atlantis at the behest of King Orvax. Atlanna managed to defeat them, but she returned to Atlantis to keep Arthur and Thomas safe. Before leaving, she gave Arthur her trident and entrusted him to her advisor Vulko for training. In Atlantis, Atlanna was sentenced to death; by banishment to the Trench for Arthur's illegitimate birth. As he grew up, Arthur couldn't control his special powers; such as communicating; with sea creatures and breathing underwater, and he later discovers them while fending off bullies on a school outing to the Boston Aquarium in Massachusetts. As a teenager, he was trained; by Vulko, though he rejected Atlantis upon learning of his mother's "execution".[1]

Training since his childhood, Arthur was trained by Vulko, who taught him to use his powers to breathe under the sea and move in the environment, discovering that he could go to Atlantis whenever he was ready and thus see Atlanna. Arthur also discovered that he possessed a half-brother, Orm Marius, longing to one day meet him to tell him that they were not alone as he continued his combat training, learning to fight using his mother's trident, however, in his teenage years, Arthur found out. that Atlanna was killed for giving birth to him, resenting Atlantis and leaving Vulko. Thanks to his father, Arthur learned about the history of Rome.

Arthur Curry DC Universe 001

Aquaman saves the day

Eventually, Arthur began operating as a local superhero, being supported by Thomas and gaining worldwide recognition, beginning to be called "Aquaman". During his crusades as Aquaman, Arthur faced various criminals, including the pirate David Kane, leaving his father to die and rescued the crew of the Stalnoivolk, returning to Tom's Lighthouse for some fun and beer. Staying hidden, Arthur's existence was limited to rumors, however, he would be discovered by a camera sent by LexCorp CEO, Lex Luthor, in his quest to reveal the metahumans.[1][2]

Steppenwolf's invasion

Aquaman Vol 8 30 Textless Variant

Aquaman fighting side by side with The Justice League

Arthur was eventually approached; by the vigilante Bruce Wayne; who asked him to join a team of heroes he was assembling; in order to defend the Earth from an oncoming invasion. Reluctant at first, Arthur continued to deny his fate to Vulko, before Atlantis was attacked by the Apokolips warlord, Steppenwolf, who stole the second Mother Box, endangering Earth and running into the Xebelian princess, Mera. With Atlanna's trident, Arthur finally agreed to help Bruce's team, saving them from the flooding of Stryker Island, joining the team known as the Justice League.

To stop Steppenwolf, Arthur, who was disgusted by Bruce's planand, and the League dug up the grave of Clark Kent, the late Kryptonian hero who died against the creature Doomsday, to take his corpse to S.T.A.R. Labs to resurrect him, resulting in a battle. Determined to face Steppenwolf, Arthur and the League fought against the fearsome Parademons and Steppenwolf in Pozharnov, receiving the support of Superman to finish him off, avoiding the union of the Mother Boxes. After the battle, Arthur and the League parted ways, but vowed to meet again if there was another threat.[3]

Claim to the Throne

Arthur Curry DC Universe 002

Arthur joins Mera

After rescuing the Stalnoivolk, Arthur went with Tom to have fun in a bar, where they made new friends. As he and his father were to return home, Arthur met with Mera, who asked for his help in stopping her half-brother, Orm, who was seeking a war against the surface, but he was reluctant, refusing to let her. accepting his fate as king by Atlanna's death, however, after a tidal wave nearly killed his father, Arthur saw Mera save Tom, so he agreed to defeat Orm, joining Mera to travel to Atlantis, on the condition that after Orm is defeated, he will never return to the kingdom.

Through an Atlantean ship, Arthur finally traveled to Atlantis, observing the beauty of the underwater city, heading to The Sunken Galleon, where he met Vulko, greeting his old friend, who explained that Orm had convinced Mera's father and king of the Xebelians, Nereus, from entering a war against the surface. Arthur learned that he must find King Atlan's missing trident in order to prove himself the true king and defeat Orm, before being attacked by soldiers, who captured Arthur. After being taken to the palace of Atlantis, a chained Arthur confronted Orm about his desire to attack the surface due to the contamination, but Arthur challenged his brother to a decisive battle, a challenge that Orm accepted. He prepared for battle, sharing a talk with Vulko about his training, remembering the day he found out about Atlanna's death, receiving his trident to fight.

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Duel of half-brothers

Before the duel, Arthur listened to Orm talk about an ancient creature called Karathen until Arthur told him about how he wanted to meet him and befriend him, however, his idea changed after learning Orm's cruel truth. Finally, Arthur and Orm began their duel in the Ring of Fire in front of all the Atlanteans while dealing blows to each other with their tridents, however, Arthur was at a disadvantage when Orm was able to use the sea as his terrain and Arthur lost the trident. of Atlanna from Orm's attack, devastated by losing the last of her mother. To his luck, Arthur was saved by Mera, beginning a quick escape from Atlantis, being chased by Orm and his troops, but due to the destruction of the ship, Arthur controlled a whale to hide along with Mera.

To find the legendary trident, Arthur and Mera traveled to the Sahara Desert, where the Kingdom of the Deserters was located, though Arthur complained about Mera's hatred of the surface and Arthur made various jokes about the situation as they entered the hidden kingdom, discovering Atlan's secret message to find his trident in Sicily, Italy, and began to develop a bond with Mera, to whom he showed the goodness of the humans.

Arthur Curry DC Universe 004

Aquaman fights Black Manta

With the use of a bottle, Arthur remembered that in order to find the trident, Atlan spoke about the "true king" guiding them, deciphering that it was Romulus, the first king of Rome, managing to locate the trident with his statue before being attacked by Atlantean soldiers who tracked down Mera. While Mera was fighting with the soldiers, Arthur was confronted by Black Manta, discovering that it was David Kane, who was out for revenge for Jesse, starting a battle in Sicily, in which Arthur was wounded by Black Manta, managing to damage his armor and defeating it by throwing it into the sea. Beginning their journey to the Hidden Sea, Arthur spoke to Mera, who he helped recover, of his guilt over letting Jesse die, creating David as a villain, worrying for Mera's well-being, informing her that their path would lead them to the Kingdom of the Trench and berated himself for not knowing how to lead, being advised by Mera to prove himself a true king.

Arthur Curry DC Extended Universe 0002

"The one true king."

The journey took a turbulent turn when Arthur and Mera were attacked by Atlantean-turned-beasts, The Trench, which they had to confront before Arthur used a flare and escaped under the sea along with Mera, dodging the creatures and ending up. to reach the Hidden Sea. Escaping, Arthur was reunited with Atlanna, who managed to survive her banishment, and learned that she left to save him and Tom, discovering that to return, they had to get the trident, which was guarded by Karathen. Willing to be the hero that Atlantis needs, Arthur entered Karathen's room, who began to mock her for her mixed blood until Arthur was able to speak to her, claiming to be nobody and telling how she came to save her home with the trident, which surprised Karathen, developing a respect for Arthur, allowing him to take the trident. With now the power of the trident, Arthur gained new powers, connecting with all marine life and Atlan's golden armor, proving to be the true King of Atlantis.

Arthur Curry DC Universe 005

Aquaman defeats the Ocean Master

In the middle of the battle between the army of Orm, now known as the Ocean Master, against the army of the Kingdom of the Brine, Arthur was able to reach the battle along with the Karathen and they began to be attacked by several Atlantean ships, so that Arthur contacted the marine life of the sea, incluiding the Trench, and then faced swimming the soldiers, with the help of Mera, with whom he shared a kiss, and then confronted Orm, leading him to the top of his ship. In his decisive duel, Aquaman faced the Ocean Master, managing to gain the advantage by being in the surface area, demonstrating to his half-brother his true powers and destroying Orm's trident, sparing his life. After Orm was arrested, Arthur became the rightful king of Atlantis, being praised by Atlanna, his friends, and all the kingdoms.[1]

Protector of Atlantis

Over time, Aquaman became a famous superhero, although he was criticized by several people, mainly by the burlesque and rude vigilante Peacemaker, who claimed that Aquaman had sexual relations with fish. At the request of A.R.G.U.S. Director Amanda Waller, Arthur and the Justice League went to Coverdale Ranch to help the small black ops team, Project Butterfly, deal with the alien Butterflies, even though they had arrived late to the scene.[4][5][6]

Arthur Curry DCEU 006

The Powerful King of Atlantis

During his new life as king and protector of Atlantis, Arthur had several conflicts in between due to his duty as a member of the Justice League, his obligation as monarch of Atlantis and his relationship with Mera, whom Arthur would eventually marry in a grand wedding in Atlantis, despite their wishes to just have a normal family wedding. With Arthur having doubts about deciding what was best for him, Vulko and Tom advised him on how to balance his heroic life and as a husband, before Atlantis was attacked by monstrous-looking creatures, which were sent by Charybdis, a vengeful ex-mercenary who sought revenge against Aquaman for "killing" his lover, Scylla. Aquaman fought Charybdis, forcing him to hide at the bottom of the sea and now maintaining balance, Arthur was able to marry Mera in Amnesty Bay in front of his family and continued his duty as king before learning of Mera's pregnancy.[7]

Arthur and Mera became parents to Arthur Curry, Jr., who also had the same powers as his father and with the help of Tom and Atlanna, the couple raised their young son in Tom's lighthouse. At the same time, Arthur continued to dispense justice as Aquaman, facing numerous pirates who tried to assault different ships, stop clandestine fights in Atlantis and rescue sea creatures like the seahorse, Storm, who would become his faithful steed and partner. However, his duty as king would be complicated by his disinterest in the throne and conflicts between nations, as well as criticism from the Council of Atlantis about his immaturity, before discovering Vulko's death due to surface contamination, increasing the hatred of the Atlanteans against humans, whom Arthur defended against the council.[8]

Rise of Kordax

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  • Genius Level Intellect: Arthur possesses knowledge on several historical facts. Mera inquired as to how he knew the names of the Roman leaders in Sicily, to which he replied "That's my pops, always made sure I knew my history", which means his father taught him several things while he grew up.[1]
  • Multilingualism: Besides English He knows some degree of Russian and Italian. Even Māori, the latter being due to their Polynesian ancestry[1][3][8]
  • Fishing: Arthur travels around the world giving scores of caught fish to those in need of food.[3]
  • Swimming[2]
  • Weaponry


  • Trident of Atlanna: (Formerly) A five-pronged trident he inherited from his mother. The weapon was destroyed following his first fight with Orm, where his half-brother managed to cut the weapon in two halves.[1]
  • Trident of Atlan: Arthur obtained the Trident of Atlan, following him and Mera's trip to the Hidden Sea. He was found worthy by freeing this weapon from Atlan's corpse and wielded it as a symbol of his authority as King of Atlantis. The trident not only proves himself a king of Atlantis, but also enhances his power, enabling him to control every known lifeform in the sea, including the savage Trench.[1]

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the DC Extended Universe and is an adaptation of Aquaman. The original character was created by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris and first appeared in More Fun Comics #73.
  • Aquaman was portrayed by Jason Momoa.
  • Post-Flashpoint: After Barry erased the Flashpoint Timeline, Arthur would go with him to a bar to have fun, but he ended up getting drunk unlike Barry, who tried to explain how he had reset a previous timeline, in which Arthur had a counterpart, but during the explanation, Arthur he passed out on the floor, giving Barry an atlantis ring to buy more beer.[9]


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