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Aquaman was a member of the Justice League of America and participated in the battle on Earth against Darkseid.[1]

Shortly afterwards, Aquaman went to a boat adrift in search for survivors, unfortunately he found the crew infected by the virus of the Anti-Life Equation, they proceeded to attack Aquaman falling along with the sea.[2] The attack leading to his own infection and transformation into one of the Anti-Living.[3] He proceeded to return to Atlantis and attack his former friends, infecting numerous Atlanteans including Tempest and contaminating the water with infected blood.

Having infected most of the Atlantis, the infected Aquaman would subsequently lead an attack on Themyscira with the rest of the Atlantean horde, whilst riding the Kraken, in an attempt to interrupt the survivors' off-planet evacuation and spread the corrupted Anti-Life Equation onto them. However, the infected Aquaman's terror would be proven to be short-lived, as his former teammate Green Arrow manages to shoot him with a precision shot to the head, effectively killing the "undead King of the Sea," as Green Arrow himself had phrased.[4]






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