Aquaman New Frontier 01

Aquaman with Superman.

The man known as Arthur Curry is both of human and Atlantean ancestry and the current king of Atlantis. He became frightfully aware of the primordial entity, The Centre, which was feared and acknowledged by the Atlanteans and was intended to wipe out humanity in the surface world. Even though the being had no quarrel with Atlantis nor its undersea world, Arthur could not allow the surface, his half birthright, to be destroyed. In so he has been following the Centre from the Pacific to Florida's Cape Canaveral with the entire ocean's army of sea life.[1]

There he had his army creating a barrier in containing the turbulence from the Centre and helping downed pilots and crewman during humanity's battle. Also, Arthur was responsible for saving Superman after he was blasted away by the Centre and returned him to the surface after the battle was over, and as well making his appearance to the world. Arthur later then joined the Justice League of America.[2]




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