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Quote1 The people of Atlantis celebrate my birthday every year. Of course, I am their king... Quote2
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Arthur Curry was the son of a lighthouse keeper and an atlantean. Discovering his hybrid physiology, he used his aquatic powers as the king of Atlantis, King Orin, and as the superhero Aquaman. He served as a member of the Super Friends and as the mentor of Aqualad.[1]

Starro and the Pirates

Aquamana and the Super Friends responded to reports of classic pirates in the North Pole. They discovered scientific research bases had been converted to produce heat and smoke and that the pirate were actually the scientists brainwashed by modified sea stars. The superheroes were then pushed under the water by the mastermind, Starro the Conqueror. He revealed that he plotted to take over Earth, but first needed to flood the world by melting the North Pole. He then attempted to take the Super Friends, with only Arthur being strong enough to stop Starro's spawns. Arthur called upon the help of ocean creatures, using the effects Starro's machinations to call the sea stars' natural enemies so their instincts outweighed Starro's. Arthur then charged the conqueror to distract it while Green Lantern sucked out the salt to weaken the creature. Captured, Starro was taken to Oa by Superman.[2]







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