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Aquaman was one of the greatest heroes of Earth, who fell into a trap laid by Barbatos. He was transformed into a gigantic, serpentine monster, and forced to aid Barbatos in his destruction of the multiverse as the monstrous Tyrant Wyrm, Devourer of Atlantis.

Aquaman and the Justice League stood against Barbatos's invasion of the multiverse. However, when they attempted to don armor made of Element X to battle him, they found it corrupted. The armor enslaved the heroes to Barbatos, and transformed them into horrible beasts, with Aquaman becoming a massive serpent called the "Tyrant Wyrm".

For two years, these Dragons of the Bat waged war on what was now called "Earth-Metal". During this time, the Tyrant Wyrm was responsible for destroying the land that was once his home, Atlantis. Eventually, they were attacked by a new Justice League, composed of the world's remaining heroes rallied by the Last Monitor. The Tyrant Wyrm battled Hawkman and Hawkwoman, until their battle destroyed all three.[1]





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