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Arthur Curry is the king of Atlantis and the adventurer who protects the world's shores as the hero known as Aquaman.

Arthur Curry was born out of the union of a lighthouse keeper and an Atlantean queen. He lived a peaceful life with his father, till the media came to know about him and his abilities. They gave him the name "Aquaman", but the sensational news coverage attracted the attention of the treasure-hunting criminal known as Black Manta, who was obsessed with the treasures of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis.[1]

Manta killed Arthur's father and forced him to flee to Atlantis, where he was crowned as the king and fell in love with Mera. Eventually, Arthur grew tired of the royal intrigues and went back to living on the surface, with Mera accompanying him. Despite this, he felt out of place in both realms. Arthur also started protecting the coasts of the seas from threats.[1]

As the most powerful wave of Infinite Crisis struck, realities were torn asunder and cast adrift into the Bleed. This resulted in Gotham City of Earth-19 and Gotham of Earth-0, which were adrift in the Bleed, to be merged together. Aquaman joined other champions to fight back against the threat endangering the multiverse.[1]




  • Trident of the King: A unique trident passed down through the Atlantean kings. It also marks any person who is struck with it, telepathically for the wielder.[1]