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Quote1 You would give away your kingdom like a pair of worn boots... to a surface dweller?! Quote2
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Aquaman was a member of the Insurgency against Superman's rule.

Aquaman first appears with his fellow Justice League members fighting off various villains. After all of the villains are defeated he races to stop Joker from using a nuclear device he had acquired from Lex Luthor. Before they can reach him, Aquaman, Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and the Joker are transported to another universe. Aquaman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Wonder Woman are teleported to Gotham, whereas Batman and the Joker are sent to Metropolis. Aquaman decides to journey to Atlantis in order to find out more about this universe.

In Atlantis, the Royal Archivist tells Arthur of the destruction of Metropolis and Superman's rise to power. When several of Superman's diplomats, The Flash and Shazam, arrive with a treaty that would hand control of the Atlantean army and Atlantis in general to Superman's Regime, Arthur voices his disgust with the treaty and then fights the two. The Aquaman native to this reality appears and fights Aquaman as well. After being defeated by the alternate Aquaman, the alternate Arthur orders his soldiers to kill the newcomer. Before they can fight, Ares appears and freezes time, except for the new Aquaman and himself. The two fight, and Aquaman emerges victorious. Ares reveals that his powers have been draining since Superman's elimination of conflict on Earth. When conflict had been birthed again, Ares sought its cause. He then tells Aquaman of the Insurgents, and that his allies are currently with their leader: the alternate Batman. He asks Ares to send him to their location.

Later, Aquaman and the Insurgents defeat many Regime soldiers when they invade Arkham Asylum, seeking to kill members of the Joker Clan, the Joker and Harley Quinn. He assists Batman when they activate the backup generator of the Batcave, but is subdued when Black Adam and Wonder Woman enter the Batcave.

In order to save the alternate Batman, the Insurgent Batman asks Aquaman to provide him and Green Arrow with a distraction large enough for Superman to delay his execution of the alternate Batman, allowing Bruce and Oliver to get into Stryker's Island to rescue the alternate Batman, and have Cyborg and Deathstroke infiltrate the Justice League Watchtower to gain access to its teleporters. Aquaman summons dozens of crab-like sea creatures that assault the Regime army and metahumans.

Aquaman is instrumental in repelling various Regime villains and the ensuing confrontation in Metropolis. After the Regime Superman is apprehended by the alternate Superman, Aquaman and Green Arrow then throws the Regime members into a van, locking them up. After this, Aquaman and his colleagues return back to their original universe.





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