Quote1 I live beneath the sea. I rule and live in a kingdom surrounded by pressures beyond any human ability to measure. What chance did you ever have against me? Quote2
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Arthur Curry's father, Tom, was a lighthouse keeper obsessed with the sea. Arthur once said that his father believed that there was nothing a man needed that could not be found in the ocean - including a mate.

The woman's name was Atlanna. Tom Curry pulled her from the rocks and waves, assuming she was a survivor of some ship lost in a storm. Curry and the mysterious woman wed and had a child, Arthur. The boy grew to discover that he could breathe underwater and could telepathically communicate with and command all life within the ocean.

Just before Arthur's mother died of natural causes, Arthur learned that she came from the underwater realm of Atlantis, a kingdom to which Arthur was no heir to the throne. She was not human at all, and this accounted for Arthur's amazing abilities. But it was Arthur's father who determined his course as a hero, and later, a member of the Justice League.

Arthur is therefore a man divided between realms and loyalties. Still, as members of the League, we care for the entire world, not merely those cities we call home.

His divided loyalties do not end with his lineage. He married Mera, who has now become Queen of Atlantis. They have a son together.




  • Atlantean War Armor





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