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Quote1 It's ironic. I spent most of my career trying to convince people I couldn't talk to fish. But I could still hear them, in a way. The ocean was never silent. But now...the silence is deafening. Quote2
Aquaman src

Aquaman was once the king of Atlantis, prior to a nuclear apocalypse that poisoned the oceans, destroyed his city, and mutated what life remained.

Aquaman spent three years on land, never entering the dead oceans, until a pair of scientists approached him with a proposal. A colony of bacteria in the bottom of the ocean supposedly had the ability to feed on radiation and remove it from the environment, which could be used to heal the world's radiation poisoning. While Arthur initially found this idea to be a hopeless dream, he discovered a totally normal, mutationless shark in the cave with the bacteria, and realized there might be hope after all.




  • Trident