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Arthur Darvill (b. June 17, 1982) is a British actor who portrayed Rip Hunter on DC's Legends of Tomorrow and voices William Shakespeare on The Sandman.

Pictured: Darvill as Rip Hunter in the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode "Pilot, Part 2"

Professional History

Arthur Darvill is a British actor best known for his roles as Rory Williams on Doctor Who and Rip Hunter on DC's Legends of Tomorrow. He also appeared in two adaptations of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, voicing William Shakespeare in the Audible audio drama and portraying Richard Madoc on the Netflix series.

Work History

Acting Credits

DC's Legends of Tomorrow 2016-2022 Rip Hunter
     "Pilot, Part 1" January 21, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "Pilot, Part 2" January 28, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "Blood Ties" February 4, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "White Knights" February 11, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "Fail-Safe" February 18, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "Star City 2046" February 25, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "Marooned" March 3, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "Night of the Hawk" March 10, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "Left Behind" March 31, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "Progeny" April 7, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "The Magnificent Eight" April 14, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "Last Refuge" April 21, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "Leviathan" April 28, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "River of Time" May 5, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "Destiny" May 12, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "Legendary" May 19, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "Out of Time" October 13, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "The Justice Society of America" October 20, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "The Chicago Way" December 8, 2016 Rip Hunter
     "Raiders of the Lost Art" January 24, 2017 Rip Hunter
     "The Legion of Doom" January 31, 2017 Rip Hunter
     "Turncoat" February 7, 2017 Rip Hunter
     "Camelot/3000" February 21, 2017 Rip Hunter
     "Land of the Lost" March 7, 2017 Rip Hunter
     "Moonshot" March 15, 2017 Rip Hunter
     "Fellowship of the Spear" March 21, 2017 Rip Hunter
     "Doomworld" March 28, 2017 Rip Hunter
     "Aruba" April 4, 2017 Rip Hunter
     "Aruba-Con" October 10, 2017 Rip Hunter
     "Return of the Mack" November 7, 2017 Rip Hunter
     "Here I Go Again" February 19, 2018 Rip Hunter
     "The Curse of the Earth Totem" February 26, 2018 Rip Hunter
     "No Country for Old Dads" March 5, 2018 Rip Hunter
     "Guest Starring John Noble" April 2, 2018 Rip Hunter
     "The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly" April 9, 2018 Rip Hunter
     "wvrdr_error_100 not found" October 27, 2021 Rip Hunter
The Sandman 2020- William Shakespeare
     The Sandman (audio drama) Episode: Men of Good Fortune   William Shakespeare
     The Sandman (audio drama) Episode: A Midsummer Night's Dream   William Shakespeare
The Sandman 2022- Richard Madoc
     "Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope" August 19, 2022 Richard Madoc

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