Arthur Gordon Pym was a 19th century explorer.

In 1827, he participated in an Antarctic voyage in which he and his crew encountered a humanoid race from the island of Tsalal. They remained there for some time, visiting the Tsalalians and trading with them. When the crew prepared to depart for home, they were betrayed by the Tsalalians. Only Pym and fellow sailor Dirk Peters survived and they fled into a fissure, where they came upon a cul-de-sac and found ancient hieroglyphs. The two soon captured a Tsalalian named Nu-Nu and stole a canoe to escape northwards. The trio, however, traveled into a stranger region of the Antarctic where Nu-Nu was killed and encountering the fabled Dzyan race. Pym and Peters lived in the Dzyan's city and for the next eight years learned the Dyzan language and harnessing the power known as Vril. After eight years, the two left the city and used their limited usage of the Vril to reach human civilization and return to America. Pym later confided a small part of his story to writer Edgar Allan Poe, who published his revelations as a work of fiction.

Pym came into conflict with Dirk Peters, who chastised Pym for speaking of his experience, with which he had hope of to enrich himself. Pym fought Peters in Vril-powered struggle that resulted in the latter's death. But also in the process, Pym absorbed the Vril from Peters and making himself more stronger than before. Stirred by new ambitions and due to the malign influence of Vril, Pym returned to the Dzyan and used his powers to mentally control them. He then forced the Dzyan to use their knowledge to create an advance Vril-powered submarine he called the Nautilus. Taking the name of Captain Nemo, he began piracy in 1866 and was responsible for attacking the Mary Celeste until the Nautilus was destroyed in a maelstrom. Pym's stint as Nemo was chronicled in a partly accurate account in Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Pym returned to America in 1890 while taking the surname Perkins. He then married to a wealthy young woman who later died during the childbirth that gave Pym a son named Ross. Pym took his son with him to the Dzyan until Ross was sent back to America and lived in expensive educational institutions and never saw his father again.

In 1910, Pym made a deal with Germany to use its industry to construct a mobile war-island called Leviathan. On its initial voyage in 1912, Pym used the Leviathan to attack the RMS Titanic in order to capture the gold it was carrying. Pym's son soon learned of his father's piracy and was bent on stopping him. Ross conceived his own son, Neptune, that would be instrumental in putting an end to Pym.


This character is an adaptation of Arthur Gordon Pym, a character from the novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket by Edgar Allan Poe published in 1838. More information can be found in the article The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket.



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