An international detective during World War II, Arthur Hensford, better known as Mr. Articulate, was known for his chivalry, wit, elegant mannerisms, and his signature sword-cane and blue rose corsages. Throughout various adventures in his life, he earned a reputation as a ladies' man, but because of his mannerisms, rumors flew that he was gay. During a confrontation at the Chick 'N' Go, Arthur was murdered, having been stabbed in the chest with his own sword-cane during Emoticon's commotion therein. [1]

Before his death Articulate visited Tommy Lindo during her stay in the hospital and gave her small trinkets from his traveling days in Belgium and the Jungles of Africa, later revealed to be the location of two Fountains of Youth. After Tommy's release from the Hospital she and Mr. Articulate slept together. His fondness of the fairer sex wasn't limited to just Sheriff Tommy, however, as he provided emotional support to Leona Terrell when she confided in him that she was pregnant. Convincing him that she needed to protect herself from her mother's religious zeal and maintain her grandfather's good name, Mister Articulate gave her the money to have an abortion. However, after his death, The Tattler, a local tabloid, implied a past relationship with Midnighter, an openly gay superhero.

After his autopsy, Doctor Rachel Steel revealed that Mr. Articulate was in the final stages of cancer and had he not been murdered, he would have had a month to live, at most. Mr. Articulate had know that he was dying, and planned to write a tell-all book revealing about Tranquility's Fountain of Youth. He planned to expose Colonel Cragg as the true murderer of Astral Man hiding the evidence by framing Cosmos for the murder. Evidently he suspected something may happen to him, so he left clues about the Fountain, notably in his copy of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, he wrote decapitate, leaving "The Fountain" as in the Fountain of Youth.

Mr. Articulate was revived as a zombie along with all of the deceased from Tranquility's cemetery by The Host. However, Articulate maintained his own sentience and persona, and forgave a tearful Leona Terrell for not telling everyone that she witnessed his murder. A zombie Hellkitten decapitated Mister Articulate after he turned on the zombie horde and admitted his love to Pink Bunny.[2]

On the day of Mayor Fury's release, Mr. Articulate was mysteriously resurrected again alive and well. His comeback was met with surprise from his friends when he entered the Chick 'N' Go where a party was to be held for Fury. Everyone became immediately suspicious of him if he is actually Mr. Articulate and even informed him of his death, which Mr. Articulate had no recollection. The resident physician, Dr. Steel, used her powers to perform a "visual autopsy" on Mr. Articulate and finds that it's not only the real him, but he's also healthier than when she did his original autopsy. After confirming his identity, Pink Bunny passionately kissed him, saying that no one should make a big deal about it.[3]

After the entire town, including Mister Articulate, banded together to take down Derek Fury, the long estranged son of Alex and Suzy Fury, Sheriff Tommy and Mister Articulate resumed their relationship, with Tommy intending to marry the man.[4]




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