Sam was one of many teenagers who possess the metagene abducted by the Reach. After they were rescued by the Team, she was taken to Star Labs along with a few other rescued teenagers. They broke out of Star Labs when they were fed up with being kept at the facility to learn how to control their powers, and Sam followed suit. They turned back when they heard about Red Volcano's attack on Star Labs to retrieve the body parts of the android Amazo. During the attack, Sam assisted in evacuating the laboratory building.

Lex Luthor attempted to take the teenagers under his wing and form his own team. He had them infiltrate Warworld to ostensibly rescue trapped members of the Team and deal a blow to their former abductors, but was revealed by Arsenal that they were merely a distraction for the Reach's champion, Black Beetle, so that Deathstroke could steal the Crystal Key that was essential to activate Warworld. Sam personally destroyed the Fatherbox that Luthor supplied them, along with a laptop that facilitated communication with Luthor, and the group cut off all ties with him, and Arsenal joined their group.

Sam was one of many heroes who helped destroyed Reach Magnetic Field Disrupters designed to destroy the Earth. After this, Sam and the others in her group, were approached to join the team. All of them except Arsenal and Static refused, and Sam moved in with Ty's family.

She speaks only Japanese initially, but manages to pick up a few broken words and sentences in English.


  • Chi Manipulation: Asami can focus her natural chi and harness it for a variety of effects. She can propel herself forward, leap much higher than normal, shatter machines or large rocks as well as soften her landing after a long jump.
  • Asami has Heterochromia which means she has two different colored eyes.
  • Asami is also known as Sam by her friends.



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