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An Ash'Ka'Phageous is a type of insect-like, satellite-sized world-eater.


When it finds a world it wants to feed on, the world-eater remains in stationary orbit around the planet (unless it is forced to land), spawning and sending out swarms of deadly, giant bugs that eat anything and everything they find and then return to the ship for processing.

An Ash'Ka'Phageous - called "Godship" by the denizens of Bizarro World since it's easier to pronounce- came to Htrae, unintentionally attracted by a signal sent by Bizarro Lex Luthor. It was powerful enough to drive off Supergirl, Bizarro and Bizarrogirl, and managed to eat one third of Bizarro World before the heroes stopped it thanks to Supergirl's plan and Bizarrogirl's petrifying vision. Upon defeat, Kara called the Green Lantern Corps to take it away.

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