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Ashel Sabian Formanta - known as Ash for short - was the Green Lantern of Sector 650.


Once a simple farmer, Ash lived on a world terrorized by vampires in Sector 650. Sometime after his wife Tasha was killed by one of them, he was inducted into the Green Lantern Corps and began a crusade against vampires in his sector. After avenging his wife by killing the one who murdered her,[1] Ash learned that the monsters in his sector were disciples of cosmic vampire Starbreaker, who he has dedicated himself to destroying.[2]

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Ash avenges his wife.

Green Lantern Corps

When the Green Lantern Corps was destroyed by the rogue Hal Jordan during Emerald Twilight,[3] Ash survived the attacks. After Jordan sacrificed himself to save Earth from the Sun-Eater in The Final Night,[4] Ash was one of the few former Lanterns who attended Jordan's funeral, along with Brik, Salakk and Torquemada.[5]

He rejoined the Corps when it was reestablished during Green Lantern Corps: Recharge.[6] Ash was one of the many Green Lanterns who rallied together to stop Superboy-Prime at the end of Infinite Crisis.[7]

War of Light

Later, during the War of Light, because he did not fear the things that lurked in the dark, the Scarred Guardian assigned him the task of locating the corpse of the Anti-Monitor.[8] After some time searching, Ash located the Anti-Monitor's helmet, the angle of which indicated that the body was located somewhere in Sector 666... base of the Black Lantern Corps.[9] He goes for weeks without seeing any light beyond that of his own ring.[10] On his search, Ash meets fellow Lantern Saarek who claims to have the ability to talk to the dead. Saarek tells him that his wife abhors his killing in her name, and wishes he could cleanse his soul of the darkness of revenge to life a life of light instead. Outraged, Ash doesn't want to hear it. The two discover that they were both given the same mission, and decide to team up.[11] Despite his wife's wishes, Ash insists that tracking down the beings responsible for his death is his reason for living, and he can't abandon it. On Ryut, the two find the Black Lantern Central Power Battery, and Saarek announces that their presence has awoken a great force, Nekron. Two giant hands rise out of the ground to attack them.[12] This signals the beginning of the Blackest Night. The two Lanterns were apparently killed, and became resurrected as members of the Black Lantern Corps.[13]






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